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With new week there are new hopes, new deadlines to meet, but we are sure you don’t want to miss the new weekly dose of fun that’s in store for you. Let’s quickly get a brief update of what is all set to happen in your favorite shows this week.

Saraswatichandra:- With Ghuman having played her evil trick on Danny, things are a little turbulent in Kusum’s and Kumud’s lives. While the former has left the home with a heavy heart, the latter was seen accusing herself for the evil plan of Ghuman. Meawhile, Kabir seems to be taking some advantage of the situation. Watch the next episode, where he will tell Ghuman that he is using his time rightly by approaching her.


Diya Aur Bati Hum:- Kavita has her own motives behind Sandhya’s posting in Pushkar and she seems to be good at brainwashing Bhabo as well. After intimating bhabo about Sandhya’s leave cancellation for Chavi’s marriage, she has now plans of getting rid of Sandhya from her current city. Watch the next episode, when Chaturi will tell all that Kavita has got the water tanker in their lane.

Mahabharat:- We are soon to witness the chapter, which irked the start of ‘Kurukshetra’ war between Kauravas and Pandavas very soon. The legendary ‘Druapadivastra haran is all set to ignite the fire that created a legendary epic in Indian history. Meanwhile, watch how pandavas settle in ‘khandavprasth’ as their home and the Nag sena attack the Pandavas while they are doing puja.

Desh Ki Beti Nandini:- Rajvir and Nandini had visited village people to only get disturbed by the kind of system they have. Rajvir gets emotional on realizing the village doesn’t have a good hospital, but Nandini helps him to improve things in the village by doing something good. Meanwhile, village people tell both of them to go to a mandir, but watch the next episode, when Nandini is about to fall, but Rajvir holds her, while Gayatri Devi watches all this, to simply get more annoyed.

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon:- While Abhay’s declaration of quitting films has come as a shock, Pam feels there is something more to it. She gets the shock when AK agrees to marry, sending Pam’s brain into a tizzy once again. Watch the next episode, where Pam will be saying to someone about having played a lot with all the marriage drama, but now feels it should stop. The only problem is that she does not realize Abhay to hear all this and she turns to find him standing.

Balika Vadhu:- While in Udaipur, Saanchi has won justice by sending Saurabh to jail for 7 years, in Dadisa’s home in Jaitsar, some tension seems to be brewing. This time the tension will be around the little kid Mannu. He will suddenly be sweating, when Jagya will decide to rush him to hospital for a pediatric check up. However, the next episode will shock Jagya as he finds out the truth from the doctor about Mannu’s health.

Qubool Hai:- Zoya might be a night away from meeting her father, but Razia is making sure that she gets a surprise. After sending an anonymous note to Zoya, to come to a spot, without informing Asad, she manages to bring Zoya. However, Zoya has her apprehensions, when she sees Gaffur. Although, she was seen moving into the store room, where Razia is seen hiding with a knife in her hand, but the forthcoming episode will show whether Razia will be successful in ending the father-daughter drama or will Asad show up on time.

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke:- Gunjan has gone missing and the next episode will get Mayank worried, when he will find Gunjan’s call getting disconnected in between. He will wonder and hope that she’s not into trouble, while Gunjan will identify the direction, where his phone is and will try and run for it.

Devon Ke Dev-Mahadev:- With Yesterday’s mahaepisode, ‘Mahadev’ has turned interesting, especially with Mouni Roy as ‘Sati’ being back on the show. We watched how Sati became angry on Mahadev, blaming him for all her mishaps, while Nandi and Narad tried to convince her of ‘Mahadev’s’ truth. Although, Lord is angry, he doesn’t let Sati know about him and goes into ‘dhyan’. Watch tonight’s episode, when Nandi will be worried about Mahadev’s incessant ‘dhyaan’. It will be Brahma and Vishnu, who will get Mahadev back in his true form, while Sati will be shown moving towards ‘Kailash’.

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain:- While we watched Vidya Balan making a special appearance on the show for her movie, we also enjoyed some candid moments of the actress with the on-screen couple, giving gyaan about ‘shaadi and of course it’s ‘side effects’. Watch the upcoming episode tonight, where the duo will again see some differences over a silly piece of dictation on phone.

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Review Satyamev Jayate 2: Aamir has touched the right chords through this show


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Bekhauf awaaz rehna hai mujhe’, the ending soulful lyrics of this beautiful song of Aamir Khan’s soulful reality show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ season 2’s first episode, once again moved us to tears! Once again he touched us, moved us, and made us think, question and self-introspect about our system, our surroundings and most importantly ourselves.

Yesterday’s episode dealt, for the umpteenth time, the criminal and social issue ‘rape’. Although, media, post ‘Nirbhaya’ case made a huge hue and cry about the lack of success or system towards the dealings of rape victims, never was the issue so critically and so analytically dealt in terms of arriving at a decent, proper solution for the rape victims or the traumatized family.

Aamir’s show had a host of people talking to him, who spanned from victims, to people from the social activism, NGO’s, judicial and administration system, who somewhere deal with the family or the victim at some point of time.

The loopholes were discussed and as an audience, it was heart wrenching to know the slow paced, ineffectiveness of the system we have around us for the safety of women and justice.

Satyamev Jayate

To safeguard the interests, Usha Mehra, the esteemed judge also spoke to Aamir Khan, in order to arrive at a probable solution for the same, which is to have one-stop-rape crisis centers in each and every district of the state.

This would ensure that the victim gets proper forensic, medical, judicial and administrative support at one stop, along with the safekeeping of every evidence involved or required in her case. This would also ensure in soothing the victims and her family without harassing them, as is a routine with most of the police stations in our country today.

Real life incidents brought to light how ignorant and harassing the police and judicial officials were in treating the victims and their family members. Although, the crime committed was heinous, but the ordeal of a victim in mouthing the incident every time to these so-called law makers, made it more worse for living.

If that was not so, we as a part of the society, were making it all the more unbearable for the victim to overcome the pain and trauma associated with the incident.

‘Rape’ is a heinous crime and instead of lamenting about how good or bad things are, why not we take a little bit responsibility of our bit and vote for change. Aamir Khan talked about how we could help by dialing at the show’s toll free number or texting at the number mentioned, to register our voice and effort.

It’s high time, we took an initiative by making some efforts to bring a change and also improvising our attitude towards such sensitive issues and towards the victims and help them to lead a better life.

The show had a landmark opening with the concept, format and above all stories, which we are sure has made a deep impact in the depths of our humane psyche. Like the previous season, Aamir has touched the right chords, made the audience think and also am sure will be garnering huge support to every social cause or issue through his show.

Let’s join hands in supporting the cause for first episode and bring a change towards a better and safe future for women, through the show’s efforts! Continue watching this strong, well framed show every Sunday, at 11 p.m. sharp, only on Star Plus. The show might be a tedious two hour program for some, but every second’s frame is worth a watch!

Review of Mahaepisode of ‘Rangrasiya’ and ‘Bani-Ishq Da Kalma’


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Mahaepisodes often come with the promise of showcasing something extra or adding some amount of punch. Yesterday’s mahaepisodes of two high TRP garnering shows on Colors were also meant to do the same.


Rangrasiya’ , which has quickly carved a growth chart unseen or unknown, over the past 2 months, lived up to its expectations, when we saw some romantic, some conspiring moments and some truth revelations!

With the revelation of ‘Thakurainsa’ as the mother of ‘Rudra’, the audience is now expectant to see some high voltage drama in between the final moments of the mother and son re-union, apart from some backdrop fireworks in ‘Tejawat’s and ‘Paro’s lives after knowing the truth. Plus, Tejawat’s truth about arms smuggling and ‘the marriage’ to Paro is also expectantly awaited.

Yesterday’s episode showcased the ‘jhanki’ ritual of Rudra and Paro’s wedding taking place amidst the village, where Tejawat’s people suspect the bride to be ‘Parvati’. While Rudra safeguarded Paro, he could not save Laila from seeing both of them together and identifying Paro. Although, she’s one of the antagonists’ in the story, it will be fun to see her taking avenge on Rudra.

Meanwhile, the stalkers hunting Paro reached the ‘haveli’ in the quest of nabbing her down, but failed. We even watched how ‘thakurainsa’ leaves her home, to witness her son’s rituals taking place in Chandangarh, oblivion to the fact that ‘Tejawat’ saw her.

With too many parallel stories happening in each of the character’s life, the audience has already caught a waft of the upcoming storyline in the coming weeks. While the next episode promo showed ‘Tahkurainsa’ visiting the ‘haveli’ missing Rudra by some moments, Tejawat learning the name of ‘thakurainsa’s son as Rudra, Paro too will be aimed by the stalker at her own ‘sangeet’. With so many new additions and punches in the show, the show is worth watching for the coming weeks.

While ‘Rangrasiya’ managed to grab a lot of attention, ‘Bani-Ishq Da Kalma’ also added some revelations by way of Shum discovering ‘Bani’. Although, Bani is pretending to act as Maya to her husband, Sohum will be hell bent to know the truth about her identity.

Yesterday, in the show, we also watched how the doctor came and revealed to Shum that someone had deliberately attempted to add ‘sleeping pills’ to his wife’s juice and that he should immediately take action by calling police. Although, the matter went to his wife’s ears, she completely refused to believe that it was Sohum, who was trying to poison her.

With so many conspiring and conniving activities happening, will the two sisters be able to retain their sanity and sanctity of marriage and a happy household.

This is what has given, the audience, a lot of fodder to think on and find the same. We need to stay tuned to both these high dramatized shows, as they are once again getting to their best in terms of storyline and matter.

Watch the upcoming episodes of both these shows, from Monday to Friday, only on Colors at 9.30 and 10 p.m. respectively.

Top 14 Final Contestants of Roadies X1 – Ride For Respect!


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‘Roadies X1’ is the 11th season of the much loved reality show. With billions of fans and tremendous support, the show has garnered huge TRP ratings and fame all over the years. With a successive string of last 10 super successful seasons, the show revamped its format in its 11th season, to make it look better, bigger and of course, more loved and entertaining.

The show’s latest season began on 25th January to showcase a string of auditions, which happened all across the nation. Now with the successful completion of the auditions and final selections done, the show is all set to start off with the real ‘action’. If you are wondering who all made it to the big thing, then here is the list.

Roadies X1

From Delhi, which has been a Roadie talent pool house every year, the show selected these candidates. Taru, Charu, Rashika, Garima, Nick, Montek and Ajay were selected from the Delhi auditions. With a total of 7 selections, the judges, Raghu, Rajiv and Ranvijay had a good time interviewing each of them.

While Taru’s started her audition with a negative outlook towards elders and many things, the interview turned positively towards a fair end.

Charu, a government teacher and politician will be fun to see, especially when she has staunch ‘no flirting’ and ‘no cheating’ issues.

Ajay too had interesting politician streak, while Montek, a wrestler is believed to fight it out equally. The rest of the Delhi selections seemed to be in the league of an interesting crowd.

From Chandigarh and Mumbai auditions, three contestants each were selected, while Pune gave just one to the judges, making it to a total of 14 finalists.

From Mumbai, Rishi, Siddharth and Nikhat were selected, while from Chandigarh, Utkarsh, Meher and Anjali impressed the judges. Anjali comes across to have that wild streak of physically fighting it out, while Meher touched the judges’ hearts’ with her emotional and vulnerable side. Utkarsh too impressed the Raghu and Ranvijay with his physical fitness and ability to amaze them with interesting stuff.

With a clear cut goal and focus on life, Rishi came across as warm and real to the judges in the Mumbai auditions, while Siddharth and Nikhat were signed on for their sheer temper tantrums, back biting ability, which is all likely to add some flavor and some hot fights on the show.

Amongst all the contestants, the most unconventional would be the Pune finalist, Rajkumar, who looked as weird to the audience as to the judges. With a black ‘tika’ on his forehead and talks on positive spiritual changes in his life, he, the self proclaimed ‘gyaan guru’ did come across as someone quite interesting to watch out on the show.

With an interesting breed of contestants this time and with an equally interesting concept and format of the show, Roadies 11th season is all likely to make it big with the masses. In a sea of such myriad talents and different personalities, it will be fun to see who will fight for respect and who will fight for the title.

Stay tuned to catch all the fun, action and double dose of politics, back bitching and loads of adventure on the new, revamped version of the country’s most loved reality show, the Roadies X1, every Saturday, at 7 p.m. only on channel MTV.

Karan Tacker to host Bindaas’ Halla Bol


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You have seen him as the handsome hunk, virtuous son and the ever romantic husband in ‘Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai’, but now you will see him in a different role. Karan Tacker, the good looking actor, has signed up for a venture, which is not the regular ‘tear shedding’ soap this time.

Bindaas has signed him to play the host of a show called ‘Halla Bol’, which is all set to go on air from 28th February onwards. Luckily in this program, Karan will not have to make many efforts as he is only required to play his natural self.

Halla Bol

The show, showcasing serious issues like sexual harassment, glass ceiling etc is vying to spread awareness and creating a sense of injustice in the minds of the people, so that the people can raise their voice and stand up for their rights.

When the actor cum host was contacted, this is what he had to say. “I am excited because I finally found something to be relatable. It not just creates awareness amongst women, but also makes them responsible towards other women in the society.”

The actor also further added that through this show, he will also be contributing in making the society a better place for women. He said that he was raised by his mother and sister and he is emotionally attached to them, so it pains to imagine a world where women would feel not-so-safe.

The actor has been constantly on the tweeting platform, raising his voice against eve-teasing and the increasing rape incidences in the country and now with this show, he would come directly out in the open and wishes to help the society all the more.

Considering the actor’s and Red Dot Productions’ (the makers) intentions, we can say that the show looks quite honest and promising. With the faces of Karan Tacker and of course the Bollywood ‘Fashion’ girl Kangna Ranaut for the show, who wouldn’t think so?

The actress has confirmed her association with the 13 episodes show and was recently seen at the launch of the show, along with Karan. The gorgeous youth icon will be seen in the first debut episode of the show, talking to women across the nation to be fearless and fight back.

The actress, who was already a part of some women-centric roles in films like ‘Tanu Weds Manu’, ‘Fashion’, ‘Rajjo’ and now the upcoming ‘Queen’, is in all likeness to connect with the masses. When contacted, the actress said that she was fortunate to have been a part of all those movies.

To watch the first episode of this ‘women oriented’ show, stay tuned on Bindaas, this Friday, 28th February, at 7 p.m. because that’s when the learning begins. The first episode will showcase the blazing issue of eve-teasing and the girl’s courage to fight back through adverse situations.

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