Bigg Boss 6: Who will be eliminated today & review of first week!

It has been a week that Bigg Boss 6 was launched and today’s episode will have the first elimination of season 6. Who will it be: Aseem Trivedi, Dinesh Yadav, Karishma Kotak or Sapna Bhavnani? We also mentioned it in our last post how the first week has taken place so far in Bigg Boss house: Bigg Boss 6: First week nominations, fights, broken relationships and much more!

Well the first week hasn’t received any good response from viewers, may be because it was low on parameter of drama, fights or deadly arguments among the inmates. The irony of Bigg Boss is that everybody criticizes if it gets dirty with foul language or constant fights and confrontations among participants or any other high voltage drama; but they mark it as ‘boring’ if it doesn’t have all this masala. And that has what happened in the first week of Bigg Boss 6.

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Big Bossattempt to be a family entertainer and to be on the prime time slot of 9:00 pm might prove fatal for the show and channel with low TRPs. But that’s for us to see when TRPs of this week will be out. For now let’s have a recap of what happened in this first week:

  • The most funny and at the same time idiotic thing on Big Boss is to watch these ‘fame-craving-not-so-famous-celebrities-split-personalities‘ talking to cameras ;)
  • Bigg Boss 6 for sure has one plot/gimmick that it can use in favour of TRPs: Rajeev craving for importance from his ex-wife Delnaz and Navjyot Singh Sidhu constantly trying to patch up things between them. Delnaz is visibly getting irritated with this
  • Just like all the previous seasons of Big Boss, the participants have started fighting and are having disconnect regarding house chores, which is obviously something they are not used to as per their ‘celebrity status’ :)
  • Big Boss 6 participants completed their first luxury budget task and got the whole week supply of few essential items which are ‘luxury’ items in the house. And just like that there was another argument for ‘Coffee’. Sometimes I think maybe we are not in that situation so we can’t really understand how big it is to be without coffee or eggs for a week ;)
  • Now this non-celebrity, Kashif is creating mess for himself among these celebrities. He had a little confrontation with Sapna when he passed a remark to Karishma calling her a fruit earlier this week. And then during the luxury budget task he had an argument with Urvashi where Sidhu made him apologize to Urvashi towards the end. Now since last 2 days Niketan is very unhappy with Kashif’s behaviour and had few small arguments. The precap of today’s episode showed how he is about to hit Sapna over a fight!
  • Sidhu was punished to make lunch for everyone and perform bhangra for performing low in the luxury budget task. Food was ok but in bhangra performance if you noticed Sidhu hardly did any step and it was girls who rocked the bhangra

Well that is all for this week. In today’s elimination episode, as expected Salman Khan will be bringing some amazing funny moments and will charm the audience with his suave personality specially donned for Bigg Boss 6.

Tune in to Colors at 9:00 pm for Bigg Boss 6 and stay tuned with iDubba as well for more updates!

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