Bigg Boss 6: Kashif and Rajeev nominated for this week's elimination!

The first week of Bigg Boss 6 is already over and the first contestant who got eliminated on Friday was Dinesh Lal Yadav and you must have read the update of elimination episode in our last post: Dinesh Lal Yadav aka Nirahua eliminated from Bigg Boss 6!

Now the second week of Big Boss is on and the ‘Elimination‘ special episode on Sunday was indeed interesting with Navjot Singh Sidhu expressing his uneasiness to nominate anybody from the house inmates as he didn’t find anybody intolerant or less deserving than himself or others. Bigg Boss asked him finally after every house inmate gave the names for the nominations that would he like to change his decision or not because if he doesn’t then Bigg Boss will have to nominate every contestant for this week’s elimination. Few other participants especially Niketan and Brijesh found it absurd as they thought they should not get punished for anybody else’s mistake. Sidhu kept explaining them but there was a huge drama around this and finally Niketan and Brijesh pissed him off badly so he changed his decision and went inside to give the names for nominations. And as expected he gave Niketan and Brijesh’s name! :)

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So the nominated contestants based on the nomination of all the inmates were: Sampat, Kashif and Rajeev Paul. After this there was another interesting twist when all these three nominated participants were asked to perform and entertain the house inmates on basis of which the inmates were to vote for the best performance. So Sampat, Kashif and Rajeev performed and the remaining people voted for the best performance out of these three. Sampat won with the maximum votes in favour and that’s when Bigg Boss announced that she is safe from this week’s elimination procedure which came as complete shocker to Kashif (his face expression was the proof ;) )!

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Finally Kashif and Rajeev are battling this week for elimination and a lot of contemplation going around as to which one of them will get eliminated from the Bigg Boss house.

If you were to see what is the reaction of Bigg Boss‘ house inmates, almost everyone is against Kashif and want him to get eliminated. Brijesh won the task for the selection of this week’s captain and is very happy to put on the ‘Captain’s Cap’ ;) As soon as he became the captain everybody in the kitchen and cleaning department started complaining against Kashif as he hardly does any work.

Well the first week which went a little boring for the audience, we can expect Big Boss to get a little more interesting now when inmates are shedding their fake images and coming out in open to talk or fight :)

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