“Comedy Night with Kapil” is a remarkable take on common man!

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Unlike the other slapstick sleaze comedy shows, ‘Comedy night with Kapil’ is a fresh wave of relief. The show, which has garnered a huge audience thumbs up via strong ratings and TRP’s, is all about clean comedy, revolving around  common man’s day to day life.

Kapil Sharma, has become a huge rage and kind of phenomenon with the advent of this show. His clean sweep on household issues, societal norms and political scandals are clean and of course, extremely laughable. After spending almost a decade of struggle with theater and silver screen, Kapil Sharma finally seems to have landed with his innings. The actor cum stand-up comedian can be applauded for his wit and humor, along with the commendable cast of the show, which comprises of some good artists as well.

While Kapil plays himself on the show, the character of his wife is played by Sumona Chakravarti, while daadi and unmarried bua are played by Ali Asgar and Upasana Singh respectively. Naseem Vicky and Sony Singh are also quite quick with humor, especially in their character, where the former plays the role of an annoyed servant while the latter happens to be the secretary on the show.

Talented actor Sunil Grover has also played a pronounced role in throughout the series, living up to the remarkable expectation of the show. In fact, the tremendous ‘sharp at the jab’ effect is what made the show adorable and a must watch in just a couple of weeks.

The show is not just popular with the masses, spanning various demographics, but is also quite a rage with celebs as well. No wonder big screen actors like SRK and Akshay have been seen using the platform, to promote their latest flicks. While the audience enjoyed the stunts of Akshay on the show, there was also nationwide appreciation of SRK and Kapil’s tete-e-tete, especially on the talks of buying the show.

After having won the third season of laughter challenge, Kapil Sharma seems to have become a cult in the genre of comedy. Being a producer, he also had the privilege of coming up with his own, innovative format, which could be relatable with the masses. It’s this concept, which struck gold and he was right, the audience seems to be going mad. What else do you require when you have such a class act by Kapil and his crew, with Navjot Singh Sidhu, adding to the fillers! Share your Views, Reviews, Comments and Suggestions about this show on Twitter-iDubba and set reminders for your favorite shows on iDubba app.

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