FOX Traveller is all set to bring in a new show “Sound Trek”


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“18 Episodes, 18 Bands, 18 Journeys, and 18 Collaborations” This surely sounds amazing. For all music lovers, Fox Traveller is all set to bring in a new show “Sound Trek”. The name itself might have given you a fair bit of idea that this will be a show in and around music. The Dewarists, Coke Studio @ MTV have set a benchmark in this area. And it will be interesting to see how Sound Trek manages to impress the audiences.

Did you know that the first season will have 18 episodes? And to make things even more interesting, it will feature,  Delhi rock veterans Parikrama, Shillong blues act Soulmate, composer Ranjit Barot, electronica producer Dualist Inquiry, Delhi electronic giants Midival Punditz, Kochi rockers Avial.

And to take this journey one step ahead, it will cover some amazing destinations around the country including Leh, Auroville, Srinagar, Calcutta, Udaipur and Shillong. This already sounds interesting. The main aim of this show is to create collaborations with the best local musicians in each place.

Talking about the first 4 episodes, it will feature Delhi electronica duo Midival Punditz, composer Ranjit Barot, Kochi band Avial and Prem Joshua.The concept of the show seems to be a challenging one, as it’s tough to get such amazing talent under one roof, in this case one show. The show will be also cover Ladakh and Shillong with Soulmate.

Then there would be a Delhi based episode, where Ranjit Barot will be going to Nizamuddin Dargah and collaborating with the Qawwals of the dargah. This will surely be a great attempt. So are you excited to witness this amazing show?

Some of you might ask whether it will be any different from the popular show The Dewarists!! As this show also focuses on music, travel and collaborations. Well, time will tell if Sound Trek is similar or different.

Sound Trek will be starting on 29th August, every Thursday and Friday at 10pm, only on Fox Traveller. So till then share your Views, Reviews, Comments and Suggestions about this upcoming show on Twitter-iDubba  and set reminders for your favorite shows on iDubba app.

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