Saraswatichandra: Should Kumud reunite with Saras?

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Saraswatichandra, the biggest and grandest love story of TV right now is taking many interesting twists and turns. The story by far has been going according to the novel, Pramad doesn’t approve of Kumud’s earlier relationship and tortures her for it, but the show seems to be taking a whole new route.

Kumud has been ignoring misbehavior of her husband, she has suffered all his torture. I don’t understand why??? I mean how can a woman who knows about her husband’s illegitimate affair, who is a wife beater and totally out of control stay in the same house? Since it is a daily soap, Kumud has to live with all the suffering.

And now after dragging the same track of sacrifices and mental torture, story has come to an interesting turn. Kumud should make a firm decision to either leave her husband and go home or reunite with her love Saraswatichandra. I believe she should chose the other option and go back to Sara who loves him deeply. They should tell the family about their hidden feelings and what exactly Kumud is going through in her marriage. Well…it sounds good but the makers have something else cooked up for the audiences.

In the recent episodes we saw that Kalika tries to get her marriage cancelled but to her surprise the boy accepts the proposal and she runs away from the house before their engagement ceremony. Pramad on the other hand will get furious as Kailka has left the house and Kumud will try all attempts to please Pramad. But unfortunately Pramad still remains as evil as before and burns Kumud’s hand. What a devil he is!!

Torture and hellish behavior doesn’t stop here, Pramad will try to physically assault Kumud as a reaction to Kailka’s running away and she gets badly injured. For the first time Kumud will realize that she will have to put her foot down now!! Kumud will decide to walk out of Pramad’s house and will tell her in laws about her decision. Saraswatichandra will be asked to take Kumud and Kusum back home. Kumud will reach her house and will overhear her father talking about a financial crises in the house.

Means more trouble awaits her at the house where she so badly wanted to go and tell the entire truth. But she will be shocked and as docile she is, Kumud doesn’t want to over burden her father. Pramad will also follow Kumud to the house as well. Pramaad will get kumud back home and Saraswatichandra will be shocked to see her back in Suvarnapur. Kumud will tell Pramad that she will stay under the same roof with him but will not share the room with him unless he wins her trust and respect.

Finally a good step taken by Kumud to make Pramad realize his mistake. Hmm… now time will tell whether her decision to come back with Pramad was right or wrong for her future. What do you think should Kumud do? Share your Views, Reviews, Comments and Suggestions about this show on Twitter-iDubba and set reminders for your favorite shows on iDubba app.

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