Thrilling Maha-episode of Devon ke Dev.. Mahadev on 29th September

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Mahadev, Life Ok’s top rated show which has broken all records of success and recently completed 500 episodes is now gearing up for its Maha episode to shock the viewers with new twists on the 29th September, 2013. Mahadev has created tipples in the history of Indian Television by setting new benchmark in mythological show genres.

The maha episode will show Mahadev as a human who will take Kapaal dhari Aghori roop to save Mahakali. Mohit Raina who plays Mahadev will transform into yet another very interesting avatar to save his wife from two crazy twins Malla and Mani.

It so happened that in an unintentional situation Ganga upsets Parvati who leaves Kailash and says that she will only return when Mahadev will take a human form and convince her to come back. Meanwhile, somewhere in the southern part of India, Malla-Mani who are tantriks come to know about Parvati being unstable and has left Kailash in anguish.

Ganga tries to stop Parvati but is unable to do so. Parvati turns Mahakali on her way down South when she enters the territory of Malla- Mani. The two brothers somehow manage to pacify Mahakali who agrees to stay back in their region but she is unaware that they intend to keep her captive and use her powers.

Brahma devta is worried and informs about this to Mahadev. Rishi Bhrigu silently prays to Mahadev that only he can save Mata. Mahakali is furious and enters Malla’s cave where devotees are praying to her.

Mahadev gets tensed and he says this time he will have to use some other method as Mahakali has decided to stay back in Malla- Mani’s rajya on her own. Hence he takes the human form of Kapaal Dhaari Aghori.

The show is on a very gripping track and the entire unit along with the actors are making sure that they leave no stone unturned to make it edgy. Lot of hard work is being put in to make every episode a success.

Both Pooja and Mohit had to physically and mentally prove themselves during the shooting of Maha episode. To get into Kali’s avatar, Puja had to paint her body blue. She had to wear a garland of skulls, weighing around five kilos.

It took the make-up artistes about four hours to paint Puja’s body. Since Maa Kali’s tongue is always red, she also had to pop a pill which turned her tongue blood red. With her tongue colored, Puja was not supposed to drink fluid or eat through the entire shoot. The team shot for 11 hours with just one break.

Puja says, “It was an opportunity of a lifetime. I was not keeping too well and was not in the right frame of mind to shoot, but once I went on the floors — complete with the body paint and garland, I was fine. It seemed as if Maa Kali had blessed me. I hope people appreciate the hard work that Mohit and I have put in for this episode.”

What will Mahadev do in the Kapaal Dhaari form will be interesting to watch out? The Maha episode is set to air on 29th September at 8 pm on Life OK. I am excited to watch it and I am sure you will also not forget to tune in.

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