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Satyamev Jayate 9th episode video, reviews and reactions "Alcohol Abuse – Think Before You Drink"

Youth, Fun, Parties and Alcohol… Is this a deadly combination? Well this time the topic that was raised was about Alcoholism. Some have it for fun, some have it in peer pressure and some are addicted to it. Satyamev Jayate has raised very sensitive issues and has surely touched hearts of the audience. The earlier 8 episodes were about Female foeticideChild sexual abuse , Marriages and dowry harassment , Does Healthcare Need Healing? “Where is the love?”   “Persons with Disabilities” , Domestic Violence and “Toxic Food — Poison On Our Plate?  So are you ready to find out more about Alcoholism?

This time when the show started Aamir said that there are youngsters below the age of 30 in the audience and started with reciting a popular ghazal “Hungama Hai Kyon Barpa”. The first guest was Vijay Simha of Financial World, who shared his experiences about the side effects of alcoholism. From drinking once in a month to drinking every Saturday, Vijay Simha says in no time his world had turned upside down. All throughout, Vijay Simha never realized his alcoholism was a problem. From being a bright & successful journalist, Vijay Simha went to being homeless. This is no doubt one of the many pitfalls of Alcohol Abuse. The addiction was so bad for Vijay Simha that he stopped eating food but didn’t stop consuming alcohol. And the most shocking part was that Vijay was even ready to sell his kidneys to meet his drinking needs. Vijay never saw his father after an incident when he was drunk and he turned out his parents when they came to visit him. He is still making up for grave mistakes he made then. Not many alcoholics return from where Vijay Simha returned. It was his will that paved the way.  

The million dollar question is - Is it alcoholism? Is alcohol the only way of relaxing your senses?

Do Alcohol Abusers require someone to support and help them recover from the addiction? What about the families those have to go through this hell? How many of the kids might have lost their fathers because of Alcoholism? It’s not about a street, town or city. Alcohol Abuse problems are cropping up all across the nation. What do u think is the reason for this? It has been the reason for many homes being destroyed. Psychiatrist Dr Ashish Deshpande soon was invited on the show to talk about this habit. But he mentioned that Drinking is not habit, it is a disease. He also talked about certain alcohol receptors in the brain are triggered which keep building up and increase the person’s desire for alcohol. The issue is not halting alcoholism, but in maintaining the halt. 

There was more shocking story of Laxman who relates how he struggled with medical treatment for his alcoholism, and spent lakhs to little avail. He has spent almost 40L to get rid of his addiction and found Alcoholics Anonymous advertisement “alcoholism could be cured for no cost” funny. Strange but it is true. He also mentioned that at the Alcoholics Anonymous meeting he realized he was sick and not an alcoholic.  And since 14 years he is living a normal life after quitting the evil of alcoholism. There was also a story of the people of Changal village in Punjab who successfully shut down a liquor shop in the village to handle Alcohol Abuse.

To take this discussion one step ahead, Aamir had invited noted poet and lyricist, Javed Aktar. He also talked about his battle with the bottle. He said that most young people think that there is a glamour associated with drinking and in reality when a man drinks he appears either obnoxious, or foolish, or both. He went on to say “”Bura hona to phir bhi theek hai, par bewakoof”? Do you agree with this?

There was one more shocking story of a 15 yr old boy, Karan. Karan and his family paid the price even though he himself had not had any alcohol. A terrible car crash due to a heavily intoxicated driver killed Karan. Mr Anand, Karan’s Father, also said that when you sit behind the wheels under the influence of alcohol, you are literally wielding a weapon in your hands. Hazardous drinking puts many lives in danger.  As always there were also stats about this issue, such as Alcohol accounts for 1,850 annual deaths in the age group 18-24, including deaths from car crashes and suicide. Dr Vivek Benegal says 5% of people who drink become alcoholics, and 50% of people who consume alcohol are hazardous drinkers. And in India, people drink to get drunk. Is this responsible for growing alcohol abusers?  Wait there is more, In a Bengaluru hospital, 25% emergency room cases were injured drunk people while 35% cases were of those hurt by others drinking.

It must be said that Aamir khan and his team never fails to impress, today’s episode too was an eye opener. It is we who can say No to Alcoholism. No matter what peer pressure you are in, it is you who have to take a stand. Well nothing can be achieved overnight, but we can all start it and move in the right direction. Soon it was time for the 8th song of this series and this time it was sung by Ram Sampath. He is the music director of Delhi Belly, who has created 16 songs for the 16 episodes. Do let us know your views about this Show and also do follow us on Twitter (iDubba) for more updates about this show as and when it occurs.