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Hannibal is all set to become a spine chilling psychological thriller TV series

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What started with Anthony Hopkins’ immortal serial killer role of ‘Hannibal Lecter’ in ‘Silence of the lambs’ and ‘Red Dragon’ on celluloid is now being justly re-invented on silver screen with TV series called ‘Hannibal’. The show started off from 5th April, 2013 on AXN and has been picking up furor like the movie itself.

The show has characters, inspired from the book ‘Red Dragon’, which is written by Thomas Harris and primarily focuses on relationship between Hannibal and Will Graham. The show will eventually show Hannibal into transforming in Will’s most cunning enemy of all times.

Hannibal Lecter is played by Mads Mikkelsen, who portrays the role of an accomplished psychologist and sociopathic serial killer. Although he is brilliant man, with some fine taste in arts and habits, he also comes across as a brilliant serial killer, who kills his victims, with skilled precision.

He might be ruthless, but he is one hell of a gem for Jack Crawford, who is the head of the behavioral science unit. With an interest to track the killing blueprint of the most vicious serial killers, he ventures out on a mission to know Dr. Lecter. However, he does that through his most trusted and valuable weapon, called Will Graham. To learn about how his latest serial killer, who has claimed his 8th victim, will act, he appoints Will Graham.

Will is a special investigator or rather a special homicide detective turned teacher. He has the skill to know about the happenings of a serial killer’s mind and so gets roped in by Jack, to learn about the serial killer on prowl, through the innovative and skilled brain of Dr. Lecter.

The show has opened up to a good audience response with its first episode, which brings in Dr. Lecter and Will on a common murder case, where the former takes interest in the latter, owing to some amount of like mindedness.

The show’s first season is supposed to have 13 episodes, including a similar number of episodes, for all future seasons, if planned any. Aired on Monday, every week, the show is known to garner scary and spooky feelings, making that adrenaline rush all worth it. For more of the frightening, spine tingling sensations, stay tuned to watch the Hannibal, TV series, every Friday on AXN, at 10 P.M, to track genius criminal cases solved with Dr. Lecter and Will Graham.

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