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Asad & Zoya to tie a Knot On Eid Special Episode in Qubool Hai!

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Zee TV‘s popular show Qubool Hai is all geared up for an extensive three hours celebration of Eid. Seems like happy days are back again in Asad and Zoya’s life. Currenlty the show is going on smoothly with Ramadan festivities. This sequence will end up with lots of galore by celebrating Eid in the serial.

After much tears and sad scenes, the show is ready to give viewers a special night full of amazing performances. But before I tell you about who all are coming to entertain you, let’s talk about the most anticipated marriage of this year. Asad and Zoya are supposed to tie knot on the special episode of Eid. Miss Farooqui is all set to turn Mrs Zoya Khan.

Hmmm.. till now everything looks good but until Asad says these magical words of nikaah “Qubool Hai,” my heart will be skipping beats. I mean it will be the best episode of Qubool Hai! The viewers are dying to see both of them together. Asad and Zoya have struggled to find peace in their love. Something or the other has always blocked their way to marriage. This time, we really hope they both tie the knot peacefully. Fingers crossed!!

Let’s not take too much tension about it right now and let me take you to the Eid celebration plans. Popular actors from different shows will join the Qubool Hai star cast to celebrate this auspicious occassion of Eid. Sources tell that Rithwik Dhanjani-Asha Negi and Ankit Narang from Pavitra Rishta, the entire star cast of Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke, Housewife Hai.., Punar Vivah-2, contestants of India’s Best Dramebaaz and Dance India Dance Super Moms will grace this show with their performances.

When contacted, Rithvik said, “Yes, I will be part of the celebration and will also be performing on some popular numbers. But I don’t want to divulge the details let it be a surprise for the viewers.”

Apart from these actors, the gala night will also witness talented singer, Javed Ali.

While the rest of the family celebrates Eid, Javed Ali will take centre stage with a sufi style performance with popular songs like ‘Kun faya Kun’ and ‘Arziya Sari’. In the lead up to Eid, the girls of the household will have a pre-Eid celebration where they will apply mehndi and enjoy all the festivities.

Charu (Aanchal Khurana), Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) and Chitrasi (Vandana Singh) will perform a mujra to ‘Sawaar Loon’, ‘Jhalla Wallah’ and ‘Dil Mera Muft ka’.

In addition to all the entertainment, viewers will also find out if Asad will be able to give Zoya the gift of an opportunity to re-unite with her father at the glittering Eid party that he has planned.

Let’s hope that there are good sweet surprises for the audience of Qubool Hai. Do you want to see Asad and Zoya tie knot on Eid? Stay tuned to watch ‘Qubool hai’ this coming week on Zee TV at 9.30 p.m. Tell us your Views, Reviews, Comments and Suggestions on Twitter-iDubba and iDubba app

The most popular show with a 24/7 watchable audience!

Do you wish to see your favorite serial more than the scheduled time slot? Do you feel the half an hour slot is too less for getting the daily updates of your show? If yes, then just imagine how life would be if you could spend a full day and night, with your favorite stars and get personal and up close with them, through their daily shows?

According to polls, a couple of shows were rated quite high in terms of their audience loyalty towards the concept of 24/7 viewership. Shows like Bade Achhe lagte hain, Qubool hai and Parichay ranked high. Let’s see why these are still loved by the audience.

Bade Achhe lagte hain: -Contemporary is the word for the show. What captured the audience was the striking unconventional chemistry between Ram and Priya, who already were in there mid 30’s, when they got married. Instead of the regular dramas, what was loved and came across as natural is the bonding between the husband and wife. They fought and patched up as normally as any normal couple.

Qubool hai: -This show grabbed headlines for the striking good looks of Karan Singh Grover, his chemistry with Surbhi Jyoti aka Zoya and the well scripted plot of the show, which has all the elements of a prime time television show. Whether its betrayal, mystery, revenge, conspiracy or sheer romance the show has managed to show all the flavors again and again. The show has been raving popularity because of the good pace of storyline since the very beginning. As of now, people would love to see more of Asad and Zoya and see Tanveer’s evil ways exposed.

Parichay:- Kunal and Siddhi are perhaps the most loved couple off late on Indian silver screen. Their chemistry, their life, everything seems to be catching the audience’s attention. The audience still misses this golden couple of screen and that’s why they are constantly demanded in a second season.

However, the main protagonists are not coming back anytime and so the makers are restricted. Hence, the audience is feeling a little disappointed and resorting to the first season and the repeating the episodes of the show on Youtube. Maybe it will take some time for the audience to get use to missing Kunal and Siddhi.

These regular soaps have added dollops of entertainment in lives of people nationwide. No wonder, the audience will not mind watching these shows once again, if given an option of 24/7 time slots. Share your Views, Reviews, Comments and Suggestions on Twitter-iDubba and  iDubba app.

iDubba brings you a list of tv shows which are roaring to go for leaps!

Leaps and more leaps to generate good TRPs and interest for the viewers. Since Ekta Kapoor started this trend, most of her shows are ready for a big time leap. Also, there are other saas bahu sagas which follow the footsteps. iDubba brings you a list of shows which are roaring to go for leaps.

Bade Achhe lagte hain- Leap will be of 15-20 years.Though we all saw a 6 year leap recently and madame Ekta thinks that it needs more number of years to be added  to take the story line further. 15-20 year leap was planned in July 2013 and the track was meant for a divorce between Ram and Priya. This track is now thrown out of the window on audience’s demand. Balaji Team is working on the new story line which I am sure will have oodles of twists and turns. There will be influx of new characters and few will bid adieu  to their fans.

Pavitra Rishta- Another Ekta Kapoor product, it is also destined to take a 15-20 year leap. As it happens with all the young actors, they refuse to ‘age’, similarly the young brigade of this show which includes Rithvik Dhanjani, Asha Negi, Jia Mustafa, Karan Sharma, Shakti Arora and Shruti Kanwar have reportedly put in their papers. The blue eyed girl of Ekta, Ankita Lokhande is still in the camp. How can they let her go anyways?? She is playing her own grand-daughter after the leap. Story line post leap is still in pipeline. Is Ekta on a hunt for new faces then?

Qubool hai- After recent drama over Asad and Zoya’s marriage, this show is ready to pull out more cards. There is going to be a small leap right now-for a month. Post the one month leap, Asad and Zoya will separate and Asad will have to marry antagonist Tanveer with a heavy heart. Post leap, the Ajmer track will start leading to interesting and eye opening revelations. Asad and Zoya might reunite too.:)

Devon Ke Dev-Mahadev- Again 15-20 years of leap period will be seen. Ganesh grows up after the leap, marries Riddhi and Siddhi so that story can proceed. Many new faces have joined the team like Eshaan Bhatia, Mihir Mishra, Tarun Khanna and Chavi Mittal. Sonarika Bhadoria is also replaced and most probably Pooja Bose has taken her place.

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khubsoorat- Leap of five years to be seen. A five year leap is expected to spice things up and give the show a second lease. After the leap, bubbly Aaradhya (now an RJ), loses her child and husband and becomes more responsible towards her family. She also develops a soft corner for Dr Shekhar (Sachin Shroff) and his son. Mitali Nag and Abhishek Malik, the second leads have quit the show because they didn’t want to play parents. Once again, here is a problem of ‘ageing.’

Ek Veer Ki Ardaas Veera- The flagship show of Star Plus will see a leap of good 10 years. A perfect example of fan power, the story was originally supposed to take a 10 year leap within three months of its launch. But the popularity of kid stars Bhavesh Balchandani and Harshita Ojha forced the makers to continue with the track. Post leap, Rahul Sharma, who was slated to play the grown up Ranvijay, got fed up of waiting and signed up Ek Ghar Banaunga, the hunt for the new leads is on. Sneha Wagh is expected to stay back in the cast while Kapil Nirmal is weighing his chances.

Looks like July is a month of leaps. Though the viewers might feel a pinch by the sudden jump of storylines and grown up characters but what to do? Producers and channels don’t have much choice. If they have to increase the TRP numbers then the best and most striking change is to bring in leap of few years. We hope that these shows do well at small screen box office!

Do let us know what you think about ‘leaps’ in daily soaps. Share your Views, Reviews, Comments and Suggestions on Twitter-iDubba and  iDubba app.

Why does Asad hesitate, while saying ‘Qubool Hai’?

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Twists and turns have been a part of the popular show ‘Qubool Hai’ , a high TRP generating program of Zee TV. Set against the backdrop of conservative Muslim family, the show started garnering high ratings, due to the high voltage melodrama, dotted with romance, thrill and suspense and of course, the much talked about love trio of Asad, Zoya and Tanveer.

It wouldn’t be prudent to say trio as Tanveer is a self-proclaimed addition in between love birds Asad and Zoya, who are all set to tie the knot tonight. Her scheming devilish ideas and plan for vengeance has plunged her mind to break the duo’s lovely equation tonight. What will she do to stop Zoya from getting married to Asad, is a question that is haunting the audience.

Since the very beginning, Tanveer has worked on ‘hook or crook’ funda, to break or make things. Even for Asad, she had made her plans, which is why she is scheming all plans of eliminating Zoya from his life and get him.

Things could have turned difficult for Tanveer, had Asad confessed his feelings for Zoya right at the start. Turn of events and their cat fights made it difficult for Asad to confess. Even in yesterday’s episode, where Dilshad provoked him to confess, Asad found it utterly difficult to deal with his feelings. Would it be this very problem, which would throw in hesitation at the last moment, to utter the words ‘Qubool Hai’ to Zoya?

Watch tonight’s episode, for the grand wedding of Asad and Zoya, amidst a sea of speculations and anticipations from a charged audience, who can stay glued to iCouch.

iCouch is opening the chat room tonight a few minutes before the show timings, which is at 9.30 p.m. Let the fans of #QH come together in this big moment of Asad and Zoya to shower their blessings, while at the same time voicing their concerns on the would-be happenings of the show. You can download the iCouch app on your cell phone and get in the momentum of celebrations or let’s say some more drama!

Also, checkout few previous chats on the Qubool Hai Chatroom

heerv27: Mitwa ishq pe zor nahi:-):-):-)

nel.: My fav and only fav show

dwaqar77: I love qabol hy

heerv27: Guys i think the nikhaah will happen co today i saw bts in thsat they almost shootin d nikhaah seen

ramansidhu2911: kash hum qubool hai k writer,director,cast k sath bhi chat kar pate!!! i wish!!

Rachu: Shireen is so stupid but so sweet too

ramansidhu2911: agar yeh shaddi na hui to hume serial qubool nhi hoga

rashnfish: So many qubool fans

You too can join them tonight, All you need is to Downlaod iCouchApp from the Google Play. Simple :)

Let’s see how many of you’re a true Fan.

Will Tanveer succeed in killing Zoya and eventually marry her wedding to Asad?

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Qubool Hai is growing interesting day by day. While there are a lot of theories and conspiracies from Razia and Tanveer’s end, to contribute in the thrill factor, the audience seems to be enjoying the romantic, lovey dovey moments of Asad and Zoya as well.

The romance cum suspense is creating the right recipe for the audience to stay glued on to this serial on Zee TV. Will Asad finally marry Zoya or there is more trouble brewing for them?

With yesterday’s interesting episode, everyone is going speculative about what’s going to happen in the show next. The precap for today’s episode, very clearly shows an overconfident, overenthusiastic Zoya, fixing up the mains of a power failure, remaining ignorant about an armed Tanveer, lurking behind her. The scene looks interesting as the knife in Tanveer’s hand is menacingly inching towards Zoya, about to stab her, but will she be able to do it?

Watch tonight’s episode as it gets all dark and mysterious with Dilshad and Asad looking frozen over something, while Asad rushes to let Zoya fall in his arms. Did Tanveer finally get successful in stabbing Zoya and ending her role in Asad’s life or Zoya has simply fainted?

When contacted for comments, the leading trio Karan Singh Grover, Amrapali Gupta and Surbhi Jyoti remained unavailable for their comments.Maybe even they don’t want to spoil the uncharted mystery into the lives of the leading protagonists and antagonists. Stay tuned to watch ‘Qubool hai’ this coming week on Zee TV at 9.30 p.m.Tell us your Views, Reviews, Comments and Suggestions on Twitter-iDubba and iDubba app..

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