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Review on ‘India’s Got Talent & Comedy Nights with Kapil Ka Mahasangam’


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Sunday night was a memorable and a glamorous saga on Colors channel. With the ‘Mahasangam’ of two most popular programs of the weekend, we are sure the channel must have already created some phenomenal ratings. As for the masses, sheer delight and entertainment was never this epic scale before.


Yesterday night, two mind blowing programs, namely ‘India’s Got Talent’ and ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’, were seen amalgamated for the sheer reason of bumper entertainment and boy, we did get entertained. Right from some mind blowing performances on the reality show, to some rib tickling moments with Kapil’s funny entry and encounters with the judges, to the final moments with Malaika and Kirron on Kapil’s couch, everything spelled entertainment and more entertainment.

The idea was to enrich the experience with the audience by introducing Kapil into ‘India’s Got Talent’, and by making the women judges of the show introduced on ‘Kapil’s Comedy Nights’. The amalgamation gave a livelier, a more realistic feel to the backdrop of both the shows. While Kapil, came and entertained and also got his tongue-in-cheek moments with each of the three judges on the reality show, it was payback time for Malaika and Kirron on Kapil’s show.

They both were seen to be pulling Kapil’s leg, especially when Kapil got in a little flirty with Malaika and Kirron. In fact, the entry of Sumona, Kapil’s on-screen wife on the show was also seen to get into his leg pulling act with the guest duo. Raju’s, Bua’s and Palak’s entry lifted the entertainment factor all the more, when they got to play some candid and funny moments with the celebs. Palak as usual made a daring act with Malaika in toe, ‘dancing to the tune of ‘Munni Badnam hui’.

If Kapil’s show garnered some relieving and enjoyable moments, it was the much needed dose that was required after the scintillating dance performances of ‘India’s Got Talent’. With semi finals 2 round of results being announced on the realty show, we witnessed the selection of two finalists, the kid duo, Anshu Kapoor and Sai Jamshed, making the show herald a fitting start.

Further, we also saw ‘Alia Bhatt’ making a mysterious entry as a singer, and she did woo the audience when she sung the track from her newly released film ‘Highway’. She soon joined the judges, to simply get enthralled by the performances live.

Subhreet Kaur, the nation’s talented one-leg dancer did charm her with her angelic act and Alia, along with the rest of judges were seen shaking a leg with her on ‘Radha’. Apart from her, little girl dancer, some charming team performances all garnered created wild hysterics amongst the audience and the judges with their power packed performances.

Sunday night simply ended better with a gala and fantastic night to watch. Thanks to the Colors channel, who thought of giving a fitting start to the masses galore.

Karisma and Govinda to come on-screen with ‘Mad in India’!


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‘Mad In India’ is getting bigger and better, especially in terms of raking in moolah with news. Right from the start when Gutthi was heard of doing the project, to the new entrant in the league of comedy celeb chat shows, the show has already generated quite a media hype around its debut launch, which is all slated for 16th February.

However, while much has been talked and said about the show, the list of celebs being invited on the couch are also getting quite a lot of mileage. With Sachin Tendulkar in the news off late to the now confirmed Ram Dev Baba, celeb guests in terms of variety are causing a lot of news on the show.

The latest to join in the news list with ‘Mad In India’ celeb guests are the hottest couple of 90’s, our very own Chi Chi and Lolo, aka Govinda and Karisma, who are set to make a stage appearance with MII, in the coming weekend.

Mad In India

The hot shot duo, which charted huge blockbusters like ‘Hero No. 1’, ‘Saajan Chale Sasural’, ‘Coolie No.1,’ and many more, are all set to be a team on the sets of Mad In India, opposite Sunil Grover, now in the role of ‘Chutki’. The show, will be presented by Manish Paul, the cute young host from ‘Jhalak Dikhla Jaa’ fame.

The episode with both the celebs has already been shot and it was a wonderful experience for Manish Paul. The host was heard quoting that interviewing them was fabulous as he had grown up dancing on their songs. In fact, he added that Govinda had been a great sport, who danced on his request as did Karisma Kapoor. The actress was heard to shake a leg on her one time hit song ‘Sona Kitna Sona Hai’ from Hero No. 1.

This episode will be roller coaster ride as there is no other celeb couple, which is known for masala, comedy and super-duper entertainment. The audience will be glad to catch a glimpse of their comedy no.1 couple on a comedy chat show, which spells fun, courtesy Gutthi aka Chutki.

Sunil Grover’s character ‘Chutki’ is a flirty, social network addict, hailing from a fictional city Bharatnagar. Chutki will also have Dolly Ahluwalia as her crime partner, who will be named in here as ‘Mango Dolly’. Shweta Tiwari, who was seen in ‘Comedy nights With Kapil’ earlier has decided to go with Sunil Grover and will be seen as ‘Katrina Mishra’.

Other comedians like Khayali, Sidddharth Jadhav, Rehman Khan, Rajbir Kaur, Paritosh Tripathi etc. will also be seen as the script flows in the show.

Now getting back to Lolo and Chi Chi, it was Govinda who spelled his excitement about coming on stage with Karsima. He said that his once upon a time co-star was a great artiste and through professional. He had met her last in Kolkata airport, some few years ago, but felt that now with growing age and passing experience, she has grown more mature and more beautiful.

Watch him and Lolo dance with Manish on the next weekend, when Chi Chi will once again entertain the audience with his song ‘What is mobile number?’ If all this and more candid chat with your favorite couple is making you already restless, then fret not. In a few days time, they will be here to add a lot of fun into your life.

However, stay tuned to know more about the other celeb guest, who dons the hot seat with the show’s debut launch this weekend. Stay tuned to unravel the debut show of the already much hyped ‘Mad In India’ with Sunil Grover and his celeb guest this Sunday, 23rd Feb, 2014, as it makes its grand entry only on Star Plus.

Star Plus’ Mad In India doesn’t have the madness!


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Kapil Sharma or his K9 productions doesn’t have much to worry about, especially if the concerns are around the success of its new competitor’s arrival, ‘Mad In India’, on Star Plus. The show, although, garnered a huge popularity due to Sunil Grover aka Gutthi’s entry as ‘Chutki’ on the show, yet the concept wasn’t that interesting as compared to the former’s show on Colors.

The show had very little of what Kapil Sharma’s ‘Comedy Nights’ has! Right from the missing satire or comic streak in its host, Manish Paul, the range of comedians, who made a beeline entry into the stage every now and then, to the entire script, everything seemed to lack luster and comic timing.

Mad in India

The show cannot be even remotely said to be hilarious, forget about being entertaining. It was more of a ‘slapstick’ comedy show or a satire program, which was trying desperately to get on to the audience, with some forceful ‘laugh out loud’ moments.

Gutthi’s aka Chutki’s entry was the only silver lining in this entire script, which helped in making the audience stay onto this entire one hour program, last Sunday.

Sunil Grover’s presence, both as the corrupt politician ‘Anil Chaturvedi’ or the cute ‘Chutki’, displayed brilliant sense of comic timing, in conjunction to his funny one-liners or his facial expressions or his tongue-in-cheek with the celeb host ‘Baba Ramdev’. This was what made the show a little bit enduring or else the rest of the artists weren’t much efficiently used.

Most of the artists seen on the stage of ‘Mad In India’ have been of good creative and acting repertoire. Yet, the lack of good content and entertainment factor in the script could not translate the same through the other artists’ performances. Their efforts on stage simply fell flat and just made the entire show just about ‘tolerable’.

If comparing to the already established ‘Comedy Night’s on Colors, then this celeb comedy chat show has a long way to go. Other than the two-in-one stage which twists around and creates a different mood altogether, the newbie comedy chat entrant has very little to match with ‘Comedy Nights’.

Manish Paul has to hone his skills in terms of body language, facial expressions, dialogue delivery and also the humor factor to make the audience click with him as the comedy chat show ‘host’, who can relate to his one on one talk with celeb guests. He doesn’t come as natural at all while doing the job of a comedy chat show host.

Unfortunately, Manish’s efforts to have a humor filled or laughable candid chat with ‘Baba Ramdev’ was not much amusing. It was more of an open chat, where the set of questions did very little to see the funny side of the celeb.

Let’s see what he can bring to us in the coming weekend, when he will be seen having a candid chat with the famous on-screen couple Govinda and Karisma Kapoor. Stay tuned to watch more of this program on Sundays at 9 p.m. only on Star Plus.

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Bua to get married on ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’!


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The much acclaimed comedy celeb chat show, ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’ is riding high these days and why not? Bittoo aka Kapil Sharma’s Pinky bua is all set to tie the knot on screen to ‘Golden bhai’ aka actor Razzak Khan.

Bua's Wedding

Although, she remained tight lipped about her upcoming marriage, but she did confirm the news without divulging much details. However, one of the sources from the sets confirmed that actor Razzak Khan, who has already shot two episodes with the comedy chat show, is going to play the husband for actress Upasana Singh aka bua on show.

Razzak Khan was earlier seen in movies like ‘Joru Ka Ghulam’, ‘Baadshah’ doing cameos and short stints. It will be fun to witness the comedy actor in a complete new avatar. He was heard quoting that he is wrapping a few of pending works and is eager to shoot more episodes with the comedy chat show, which has taken him up as the new entrant. The actor has also dyed his hair to a golden color to get that local blonde goon look for the show.

As for bua, who has always been desperate and on the lookout for a husband is finally on cloud 9. With her prayers getting answered, the show is all slated to garner some huge audience along with high TRP ratings. In fact, the show has roped in celebs to highlight the wedding season for Pinky bua, which is all set to have ‘sangeet’, ‘mehendi’ and finally ‘shaadi’.

Celebs Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan are all set to rock the stage of Kapil Sharma’s show on the D-day. With their movie, ‘Shaadi Ke Side Effects’ on the corner, the celeb duo is all packed with marketing the movie and hence, will be seen dotting the lovely occasion of ‘marriage’ with an apt movie to go with the theme.

It will be fun to watch the celebs shake a leg and share some fun moments on Bua’s marriage as she ties the knot amidst all fan furor. Watch the ‘sexy, glamourous, hot 22 year old’ bua finally getting hitched on the upcoming episode of Comedy Nights with Kapil Sharma, which is scheduled on every weekend, including Saturday and Sunday, at 10. p.m. slot, only on Colors.

Sachin Tendulkar – First Guest On Sunil Grover’s ‘Mad in India’


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“Gutthi…Kapil, Kapil…Guthi, Guthi…audience, audience…Guthi”! If you are still wondering about these famous lines of Gutthi from ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’, then you are bang on right! We all know who made this legendary introduction on the show and we need not go about introducing ‘Gutthi’ once again.


However, we do need to mention about Gutthi aka Sunil Grover’s new avatar, Chutki, which is set to make a debut with ‘Mad in India’. The show, another comedy interview with famous celebs, is soon to get near you on Star Plus, from 16th February onwards.

The show might be on similar lines with ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil’, but the show is most likely to witness celebs from all across genres. Starting with Cricket, Chutki is all set to make a debut with her first guest, a cricket legend, the latest ‘Bharat Ratna’ famed Sachin Tendulkar.

Earlier, the makers were in talks to rope in Yuvraj Singh, but the cricketer backed out due to other important assignments and the result was even better. The negotiations, which are heard to be in the final stages, are all likely to bring ‘Sachin Tendulkar’ in a completely never seen before comedy based interview. It will be fun to see the legendary actor expose his lighter side on the chat show, unlike his more serious interviews before.

Sunil Grover aka Chutki, will be seen sharing the stage with hosts Manish Paul and Dolly Ahluwalia. In fact, while taking to press, Sunil said that he wanted to make the audience laugh and so chose the name ‘Mad in India’!

Just like ‘Comedy Nights’, the show concept will witness Manish Paul chatting with celeb guests, while Chutki will make impromptu appearances in donning different avatars, to interact with them.

The audience, in short is likely to see a slice of ‘Gutthi’ in Chutki soon, but the idea of being torn between the two comedy chat shows will be quite interesting to watch out for.

Although, the comparisons between the two chat shows are likely to happen, only time which will spell the quantum success of MID compared to CNWK. Stay tuned to watch this space for more news related to your favorite shows, only on idubba.

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