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Saras, Kumud to tie the knot on ‘Saraswatichandra’


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After waiting for several months, finally the time has arrived when audiences will witness the grandest wedding of television. It is none other than the very famous Jodi of Indian TV –Saraswatichandra and his beloved Kumud. Destiny played a dirty game and separated these two lovers in the beginning, there was planning, plotting and black clouds of ill luck surrounding their lives. But now, looks like there is a silver lining and Cupid has struck gold!

Saras aka Gautam Rode and Kumud aka Jennifer Winget are ready to get tied up in nuptial knot. The happy days are coming back in their lives, the dream which Kumud had in her eyes when she saw Saras will soon come ture!


The eternal love story will reach its desired crescendo. Though I guess the makers had to change the plot because in the original novel, Saras and Kumud never get married. Since it is a daily soap and there was humongous pressure from the viewers to see both of them together forever this looks like a big change in the concept.

Since Kumud’s sister, Kusum realized her mistake, only then it became feasible for Kumud and Saras’ families to agree for this marriage. We all had seen how Kusum fell in love with Saras and created waves of troubles in everyone’s lives.

Not only this, Kusum also blamed Kumud for ruining her life when she was forcibly married to Sara’s brother Danny. Now, Kusum is back on the good track of a responsible sister and she is whole heartedly preparing for the big day of Kumud and Saras.

But do you think the complications and troubles will end after their wedding? I guess not at all, as we hear that the main villain of the show Monica Bedi who plays Sara’s step mom Gumaan will be coming back with new cruel strategies to create ripples in couple’s lives. She will be scared to lose the hefty wealth of Vyaas family. She will surely try to take revenge from Kumud who was always a thorn of her eyes.

By the way, it’s not only Monica who is reentering the show, Sara’s father Chetan Pandit who plays the role of Laxminandan will also be seen making a comeback in the serial.

So, what all is going to happen in this big TV wedding? Sources tell us that the awesome dance group MJ5 will be seen showing their jalwa in Sangeet ceremony. Along with other characters dancing in the happiness of Saras and Kumud, MJ 5 will have a special dance number to perform to make this wedding an extra special one. It will be really interesting to see how Michael Jackson moves will be incorporated with Gujarati moves, after all the backdrop of the show is Gujarati right?

Well, we really hope that this couple gets married in the show this time please!!! We don’t want to wait any longer to see the unbeatable romantic scenes between Gautam Rode and the very beautiful Jennifer Winget. Romance and passion will certainly come back in this epic love story drama.

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Kalika vows to ruin Kumud’s marriage in Saraswatichandra!


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Kalika is once again back in her vamp form, eager to ruin Kumud’s marriage and life. With Pramad’s support gone, she’s hell bent on taking the reins of Kumud’s downfall into her own hands. Ever since the announcement of Kumud and Saras’s engagement came, she has been trying every possible way to bring disruption and disturbance into the engagement related activities.

For instance, in yesterday’s episode alone, we witnessed how she stole the engagement ring of Saras from Badima’s cupboard and later gave it back, pretending to having found it herself. Although, she was upset with it, she still tried one last trick to spoil the arrangements.


While Saras was getting Kumud’s newly stitched ‘Chaniya Choli’ from tailor, Kalika crept behind his car and punctured the tyres, surprising Saras once again. Earlier the event, she had also intentionally dropped water onto his mobile to disrupt its functions completely.

Now with no mode of transport and no mobile functioning, will Saras be able to reach his engagement on time? Well, this million dollar question is something that will be haunting Kumud’s and Badima’s mind as he delays in the engagement in tonight’s episode.Will we see Kalika rising as a winner in her game or will be witness Saras’s arriving at the venue on time, on the cycle received by the tailor?

More than Kumud or her family, it’s the audience now who waits to see justice met this time. They don’t want to see history repeated once again. Although, last time it was Saras’s fault for backing out, this time he has tried earnestly to get with Kumud and so for the sake of this struggling duo, the audience hopes desperately that the makers won’t spoil the event.

Well, all we can do is hope and pray that Saras and Kumud get together, while Kalika fails in every attempt of her to separate them. Until the mystery solves, let’s stay tuned to catch the ongoing cat and mouse chase of Saras’s love and Kalika’s evil plans in ‘Saraswatichandra’ from Monday to Friday, at 7.30 p.m. slot, only on Star Plus.

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4 days to go!! Best Anchors of 2013 who introduce, entertain and maintain the decorum of the shows


Imagine while you are watching your favorite reality show and the contestants/participants/ performers… introduce themselves and move on with their performance, ask for points for themselves and leave, sort out issues between each other, entertain the guest on the show, open up each other’s secret etc… etc…

But won’t it be too much work for them, judges and us as well; thus an Anchor usually conducts the whole show. Well this is just like any other job to introduce, entertain and maintain the decorum of the show … but a good anchor brings in a right mix of content, drama and controversies contestants.

This one person, who is unbiased, forms the connecting bridge between the judges and the contestants and of course, the audience. A tough job indeed, as the anchor needs to survive amidst odds and take the show forward… In simple words a job where only the ‘best’ can ‘survive’… and survive they did, passed the tests of the pressure of reality show and the physical and emotional strength with flying colors.

To put it in their words… Let’s start with our first contender of the 2013 Countdown post – Best Anchors

  • Amitabh Bachchan (Kaun Banega Crorepati) – Aah, what do we say about this man? The man with the signature baritone has become an identity to the country’s biggest quiz show. The contestants on the show are rather happy to meet this man than winning the prize money.
  • Anup Soni (Crime Patrol) - The man who has to narrate some of the goriest of crimes in India has to have a strong personality to connect to the audience. And Sony TV found the best host in Anup Soni.
  • Cyrus Sahukar (Sab Khelo Sab Jeeto) – The actor has been around for quite some time entertaining the public with his VJing on popular shows. Having to interact with families in this fun game show, Cyrus is at his best making them feel at home. His experience surely comes forward with this show.
  • Jay Bhanushali (Dance India Dance) – The actor has definitely grown along with this show with every passing season. Jay acts as the friend to the contestants and punching bags for the judges and grandmaster ‘Mithun’.

His funny antics on the show has made him as popular as the contestants and has                brought him immense popularity. The show is today incomplete without him and                    the sweet guy has become an asset to the show.

  • Gautam Rode/Karan Wahi (Nach Baliye) – Debuting as a host as ‘bade’ and accompanied by ‘chote’ Karan Wahi, the duo have become a household name. Karan also hosted the children singing show with Mandira earlier this year. His ability to take jokes on himself has made him a good choice to add some fun and humour on any show.
  • Kapil Sharma (Jhalak Dikhla Jaa & Comedy Nights with Kapil) – Well, this man has carved a place for himself as a TV anchor by coming out with a bang with his show on Colors and then joined another funny man, Manish Paul on Jhalak. This man is gifted and we have no doubt in it. If not then why would B-town actors actually want to visit his show again and again?

Anchor 2013

  • Karan Kundra (Gumrah) – He has been a great find as a host who connects with the youth in a very personal level. Warning youngsters about how one moment of wrong judgment can spoil their life, Kundra is today touted as a youth icon with this show.
  • Mandira Bedi (Indian Idol Junior) – With her superb communication skills and an aura to herself, Mandira is a great choice as a host to any kind of event. Her talent to do extremely well in sticky situations makes her a great choice.
  • Manish Paul (Jhalak Dikhla Jaa) – He has completely changed the idea of how a host should behave and today most of the anchors are aping this man. He is a favourite of the masses, the show’s contestants and also the judges. His style of joking around with judges makes for a rib tickling act.
  • Ragini Khanna (India’s Best Dramebaaz) – She has a smile to die for and when she is with kids, she too turns as naughty and cute like them. And now with her handling the podium in most of the award shows, Ragini is making a mark well as an anchor.
  • Rithvik Dhanjani (India’s Best Dramebaaz & Yeh Hai Aashiqui) – This good looking boy is charming, a smooth talker and a favourite among the audience. Rithvik who is extremely popular manages to attract audience to the show with his lover boy attitude.
  • Rohit Roy (The Bachelorette India) – The man had a very important role in the dating game of Life OK featuring Malika Sherawat. Trying to interact with the dozen of contenders, who had come to woo the woman and most importantly handling the tantrums of this drama queen,
  • Salman Khan (Bigg Boss) – There is  a reason why we kept him at last … He is the man who is credited for the popularity of the show along with the other big pull-controversy! And only the bhai can have the guts to scold and warn contestants when they go over the board, even when the show demands them to do that. Today his show will hit a Full stop… so watch him while you can till the next season.

So!!!! What do you think… haven’t they made your weekends more fun with their superb skills. Whether cracking jokes on others or themselves these lovely Anchors carry them flawlessly and with an air of humor that does not feel disrespectful.

Honestly, my writing skill won’t be able to do justice to their speaking skills. All we can offer is a token of thanks, a token of appreciation and the biggest token of love with an equal amount of blessing for the future.

For now, we bid adieu, only to come back tomorrow for the next edition of our countdown post. till then Keep Watching, Keep Enjoying and Keep Reading!!! And yup don’t forget to send across your Views, Reviews, Suggestions and Remarks.

Star Plus’ dance reality show Nach Baliye 6 started with a bang


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Star Plus’ big ticket dance reality show started with a bang last weekend. This was the much awaited series for the audiences as they love it to the core. Popular couples from the entertainment industry are chosen to be a part of it. This year the channel chose hugely famous actors and comedians to participate with their spouses in the war of NACH.

The first episode kicked off with small act of Shilpa Shetty who was looking thinner (she herself said it twice or thrice in the show) than the previous season and glamorous as ever. Then came the surprise package Terrence Lewis who has transformed into a macho man! With his amazing six packs and raw looks he stole the show completely. Terrence gave a ‘hawa tight’ performance himself leaving the audiences spell bound. Sajid was his usual self, full of wit and humor.

nach baliye 6

The only thing which bothers me is Karan Wahi and Gautam Rode’s hosting skills. I think instead of having two male hosts it should have been anchored by a celebrity couple because that would have gelled with the concept of the show. But anyways, this time their anchoring was better than the last season which was full of PJ’s. In the first two episodes they at least managed to make us laugh. But it would be nice if they don’t overdo their gigs and focus on simply anchoring instead of arranging ‘Gautam ka Swayamvar.’

Coming to the back bone of this show, our mighty contestants. Hmmm…so the most famous Jodi of Indian Television –Debina and Gurmeet begun the show with their energy packed performance on ‘Dhating Nach’. Gurmeet as we all know is a master of dance moves, he has previously won Jhalak. But his wife Debina was also too good. Both of them danced in synchronization. Debina gave very good expressions. It was definitely one of the best start up acts. Sajid even went up to saying that ‘meet the winners of Nach Baliye 6’. Flattering isn’t it?

Then the episode progressed with dance performances from other couples. Raju and his wife Shikha were unexpectedly good, though their dancing was not in comparison to few Jodis which excel in it yet Raju managed to make it comical. He definitely raised the bar of entertainment in the show by his gigs with Bruna and others. He was hilarious!! Likewise ‘Palak’ aka Kiku and his wife Priyanka Sharda gave a ‘super se kahin upar’ performance. We all know Kiku’s ‘wave’ dance but on Nach floor he was far excellent. They deserved standing ovation from the judges and got one too.

Riddhi and Raqesh were the last couple to dance and they left no stone unturned to sizzle. Other couples like Lata and Sanjiv also tried to do a hot number. They decently carried the performance on their shoulders.

Bruna and Omar also proved that they are no less when it comes to ‘hot’ chemistry. Rithwik and Asha were expected to do a full on energy packed performance and made it clear that they are damn serious about winning the Nach trophy. Vinod and Raksha gave a heart wrenching performance. This couple deserves a SALUTE!! They looked very cute and danced like professionals. Vinod doesn’t need sympathy, he is here in the competition to reach the finale by his hard work.

Two famous vamps from TV also shook a leg with their respective husbands. Kanika and Ankur- Amrapali and Yash. Though these two ladies are out standing in their expressions but little weak in dancing. I am sure they will improve in the future.  Master Chef Winner Ripudaman Handa and his girlfriend Shivangi received good comments from the judges, let’s see how their journey unfolds in the coming weeks.

So, overall I would give 7 /10 marks to Nach Baliye 6. If the makers want more TRP for the show, they would have to certainly raise the dancing standards as the audiences have seen spell bounding dances in the last season of the rival show Jhalak Dikhla Jaa. But it is a worthy show to watch with the entire family on weekends.

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Nach Baliye 6 final contestant list goes viral!


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The sixth season of celebrity couple dance show, Nach Baliye, is all set to hit TV on 9th November. Yesterday night, at a press conference, the speculations about the potential celebrity couple contestants’ were finally put to rest, when the channel announced the final list of contestants.

In fact, the popular television stars shook a leg, introducing themselves and their better halves in front of judges Shilpa Shetty, Terence Lewis and Sajid Khan.


Amongst the list of contestants, the most popular romantic Jodi of TV Rakesh Vashisht and his beautiful wife Ridhi Dogra sizzled with their on-screen chemistry when they made their introduction. In fact, the actor raised an eyebrow, when he lovingly kissed his wife, in front of all fanfare.

Gurmeet Chodhary, former Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa 5 winner and his wife Debina are all set to rock the stage. The couple showed their intensity when they attempted an intimate dance number in front of judges. Now with this former dance reality show winner, the rest of the contestants will have a definite run for money.

Kiku Sharda, aka Palak from Comedy Nights with Kapil, will also be seen on stage. No this time, it won’t be comedy, but some serious dancing with his cute looking wife Priyanka Sharda.

Talking about comedy, we also have the king of comedy, our very own Raju Srivastava and his beautiful wife Shikha, to shake a leg on ‘Nach Baliye’ this time. Let’s see how well he woos the audience with his dance numbers.

Masterchef Kitchen Ke Superstars winner Ripudaman Handa is all set to shake the audience with his dancing skills this time. He will be seen dancing with Shivangi Verma this time.

While these much talked about celebrities will make a bee line into the stage, there are also a few more to go down the line, before we start counting days to go.

Kanika Maheshwari, from Diya aur baati hum, will also be seen participating in the dance reality show with her husband Ankur Ghai. Mean Sanjeev Seth and Lata Sabarwal & Amrapali Gupta and Yash Sinha will be the next dancing couple in Nach Baliye this season.

Who can forget Bruna Abdullah, the Brazilian model turned item girl for our Bollywood. Watch her sizzle the stage, when she pairs with her real life partner Omar in the show.

The rest of the couples are Ritwik Dhanjani and Asha Negi ( of Pavitra Rishta fame), Vinod Pradhan and Raksha are all set to make a dancing debut on screen with ‘Nach Baliye’ season 6 in November.

Watch your favorite 11 celeb jodis as they groove in to set the stage on fire from 9th November, 2013 onwards. The show is all the more going to be rocking, especially when the show gets hosted by last season’s hosts Gautam Rode aka our Saraswatichandra and Karan Wahi. Stay tuned to witness good looks, with fun, sizzle and fire soon!

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