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18 years leap in Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon; RK-Madhu Both To Die


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The very popular daily soap of Colors, Madhubala will soon take a giant leap of 18 years. This show started with huge hullabaloo and became the most talked about daily on Indian Television. Overnight the leading couple Vivian DSena and Drashti Dhami got a superstar status on small screen.

The show got good TRPs in the beginning but recently it started plunging from the number chart. The writers and producer came to the rescue and brought various new plots to hook the audiences. There were so many dramatic and over the top sequences and then very lately RK’s double KRK was introduced. But looks like nothing has been working in favor of the show. And now they are coming up with the utmost tried and tested formula- leaps. The show will start with a fresh storyline in a week.


RK (Vivian Dsena) and Madhubala (Drashti Dhami) both will die in a terrible bomb blast planned by their rivals. RK’s mother will save their daughter from this tragic incident and will now take on the responsibility of the child. As soon as Madhubala’s fans got to know about the news of the leap, they went frenzy and wanted to find out if their favorite actors were still in the show or expelled out? So, Drashti’s fans have a reason to celebrate as they will see her after the leap and even in a younger role. As Drashti will play Madhu’s daughter!

On the other hand, Vivian DSena’s fans will be disappointed as he will no longer be a part of the show. Vivian confirmed the news by tweeting- @VivianDsena01: hey guys the news u all have heard is unfortunately 100% true. Madhubala is taking a leap and I wont b a part of it after d leap.

So, who is gonna be the new RK in Madhu’s life? According to the news, it’s Karan Singh Bohra who was last seen in Life OK’s suspense thriller, ‘Saubhagyavati Bhava’. Let me tell you that Karan is Vivian’s good friend. It is ironic that he has been asked to replace his buddy.

But according to rumors he is quiet excited with the offer and is willingly happy to accept it. Vivian too is kind of Ok with it as he might come back with a bang in a new show. It will be really interesting how Karan will infuse freshness in the show keeping the magic of Vivian and Drashti’s chemistry intact. It will be a challenge for him to keep up with the pressure.

Along with Vivian, other actors like Seema Mishra and Sikandar Kharbanda will also be not seen in the show. There will be new actors who will add on to the cast of Madhubala. Producer of this show Saurabh Tewary tried the same formula in his other show Do Dil Ek Jaan but unfortunately the channel had to pull it off after a month. We really hope this time history doesn’t repeat itself and Madhubala gets back its past glory!

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Vivian Dsena aka RK to quit ‘Madhubala’


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It has become the seasons of quits. After the much hyped exit of Karan Singh Grover from TRP charting ‘Qubool Hai’ on Zee TV, the flashlight has now fallen on Vivian Dsena, who plays the male protagonist in ‘Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon’ on Colors.

Yes guys, if sources are to be believed then the month of January might be the last for the actor on the show, who plays RK and KRK. Vivian Dsena had scaled new heights in stardom with his character ‘Rishabh Kundra’ on the show. His chemistry with on-screen leading lady ‘Madhubala’ had garnered what many daily soaps could not. His striking good looks, killer dialogues combined with the sparkling fresh chemistry with Drashti Dhami had made him a household name.

Unfortunately, a double dose of Vivian failed to receive a double TRP. His double role aka KRK character bombed and the audience lost interest in the plot of the show. In fact, the additional double role doesn’t seem to be playing the trick of pulling the crowd anymore.

It is because of this drab storyline that the makers have decided to bring in a refreshing change in the storyline by way of a time leap. When a channel spokesperson was contacted, he further confirmed the news stating, “Yes, Madhubala is going for a leap with a fresh story being worked upon.”

However, the shocking news was when Vivian Dsena resorted to the microblogging platform of Twitter to confirm that he won’t be a part of the show post leap.

The show, as per the sources, will take a 20 year leap minus RK’s character. Certain characters like those of ‘Madhubala’, RK’s mother and ‘Bittooji’ will be retained and some more new ones will come in. In fact, real life friend of Vivian Dsena, Karanvir Bohra is all set to make an appearance on the show, to play the forthcoming male lead opposite Madhubala.


Although, the news shocked and sent panic waves amongst the fans of RK, but I’m sure the audience will be a little relieved when they learn that the new character will romance not RK’s ‘Madhubala’ , but their daughter, who is believed to add some bling to the show.

While rumors about Vivian’s starry tantrums and delays are making the rounds for the reason behind his exit, the show makers have not named the actor as the reason.

Now since the news is out in the open, we have to see how RK’s character makes an exit. With the options of killing him, sending him off to some remote place or making him undergo a plastic surgery to look like Karanvir Bohra, the makers have a quite some options. However, for the audience the transit will be one emotional ride for sure!

Stay tuned to watch ‘Madhubala-Ek Ishq Ek Junoon’, which is all set to make the leap sometime in February, only on Colors at 8.30 p.m.

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Sony TV launched Main Naa Bhoolungi & Ek Nayi Pehchan on the last days of 2013


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As we enter into the last week of year 2013, SET is gearing up for a brand new year by launching two new shows. SONY channel recently launched Main Naa Bhoolungi produced by Beyond Dreams and Kinnari Mehta’s Ek Nayi Pehchan. These two shows started with a bang on 23rd December at 8 pm and 8.30 pm respectively.

Sony Shows

Both the shows deserve a huge round of applause for their fresh concept on TV. Let me talk about Main Naa Bhoolungi first. So, Sony TV’s very own bahu ‘Toasty’ aka Aishwarya Sakhuja is playing the main lead ‘Shikha’, she dons a geeky look which is very cute. Shikha is an associate editor of a women oriented magazine. The episode starts with Shikha falling in a river pool. She is taking her last breadth. The story revolves around her life narrated by none other than Sakshi Tanwar.

The story is shown in a flashback where we see Shikha’s happy family and a bubbly, confident Shikha who is full of new dreams and aspirations. The twist comes when someone is shown following her and finally the episode freezes when a family comes to ask her hand for marriage. Overall, the entire episode was very well written and directed. The entire concept of the show revolves around Shikha and her husband Sameer, played by Vikas Manaktala, who get married.

It is a thriller which will show the journey of Shikha Gupta who will fall in love with Sameer after marriage by realizing how caring he is. She would live in a fairytale when suddenly she will discover the truth about her husband! Her dreams will get shattered when she encounters different layers of Sameer. She will feel cheated and becomes a victim of her beloved husband who would want to kill her.

No doubt the story line is interesting but somehow it is reminding us of Life OK’s very popular show ‘Saubhagyavati Bhav’ wherein Karanvir Bohra played the role of a psychopath husband who tortured his wife.

Well, let’s see how Main Naa Bhoolungi unfolds its plot in coming days, it will surely be an eye opener for the audiences about the atrocities a woman faces by her own family members. iDubba gives 4/5 stars to this show.

Ek Nayi Pehchan definitely strikes out from the rest of the daily soaps airing on the telly tube. The biggest factor for the show is its two leading ladies. This show embarks a new journey of yesteryear Bollywood actress Poonam Dhillon on small screen. This show boasts of exploring the relationship of a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in a new way.

The concept of the show is very clear from its first episode. Both of them will become friends who will stand for each other in difficult situations in life. There would be no high melodrama but practical lessons from life which saas and bahu will learn from their experiences.

First episode established all the characters- Sooraj Thapar who is Poonam Dhillon aka Sharda’s husband is a big businessman, he got rags to riches kind of a success. He is strict and is sometimes embarrassed by her wife’s illiteracy. Though he believes in women empowerment, he doesn’t like his wife to ask silly questions.

Sharda is humiliated and often insulted by her own children in the house. She is the backbone of the family yet no one realizes her importance. She is not even shown her future daughter-in-law’s photo. Yet she is excited to see her son get married. On the other hand, the main lead of the show Krystal D’Souza meets Sharda on railway station and helps her out without making fun of her.

The show looks promising with little inspiration from the movie ‘English Vinglish,’ but it is officially adapted from a popular Gujarati Play “Sharda,’ scripted by Varsha Adalia. The story will revolve around Sharda and her newly wed daughter-in-law Sakshi who will educated her hence uplifting Sharda’s low self-esteem. In return, Sharda will guide Sakshi by sharing her experiences and tips to make her family happy and united.

I think Ek Nayi Pehchan will surely make its mark with its forward thinking. iDubba gives it 4/5 stars. Share your Views, Reviews, Comments and Suggestions about  this post on Twitter-iDubba and set reminders for your favourite shows on iDubba app.

Wild Card entries make the competition tough for the Jhalak celebs..

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Jhalak Dikh La Ja season 6 is getting bigger and better every week. In last week episodes, we saw entries of four more celebs through wild card rounds. Ace dancer Mukti Mohan,RJ Mantra, Little Anjali who is now a grown up Sana Saeed and actor Karan Patel. These fantastic four made their places in the much coveted dance competition by their sizzling performances. They defeated many big faces like Rohit Roy, Vatsal Seth and Miss India International Rochelle Maria. Though Vatsal and Rohit performed reasonably well, they failed to impress the judges.

Now, it seems that the competition will be much difficult as the wild card entrants are oozing with confidence and not to miss some of them are amazing dancers especially Mukti Mohan. As judge Madhuri Dixit also pointed out that Mukti can be a direct competition to Lauren. Mukti is a past winner of Zara Nach Ke Dikha, her performances have always won judges’ hearts. It will be very interesting to see her and Lauren dancing on the same floor for the same title!

Sana Saeed is no less, her first performance proved how energetic she is and her body is quiet flexible. She can be fatal for the existing participants too. Drashti can be a threat to her as she is a perfectionist and has got the best choreographer Salman by her side. But, let’s see which girl will put her best foot forward in coming days.

Actor Karan patel has amazing floor work and he has impressed everyone by his performance. He has control over his body and gives good expressions too. Other actors like Karanvir Bohra and Siddharth Shukla will have to work really hard to give him a tough fight.

Then we have RJ Mantra who wooed the audiences by his cocktail of dance and comedy. People liked it because it was different and he was at least able to groove on the music. He will have to work hard on dancing a little more because he has no past experience of dancing. But, he can surely be a red signal for few who are below 24 score on the Jhalak score card. JDLJ judges had a hard time selecting the four wild card entries but now the heat is on and it will surely raise the bar of this sizzling reality show.

The dance show now, along with the above mentioned four names have actors Drashti Dhami, Shweta Tiwari, Karanvir Bohra, Siddharth Shukla, Aarti Chabaria along with singer Shaan, dancer Lauren Gottlieb and Sonali and Sumant, who will fight for the top spot.

Well, all we can say is that the war has begun!!

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‘Jhalak Dikhla Jaa’ season 6 is all set with star studded glitterati

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If you have been watching the promo of ‘Jhalak Dikhla Ja’ with full interest,
watching Remo, Karan Johar and Madhuri Dixit sashaying to ‘cha, cha, cha’, then you
are guessing it right! The Indian format of the ‘Dancing with the stars’ is all set
to hit the idiot box with its 6th season.

The season is all set to create ripples with its whole new set of star studded
participants, its host of anchors and not to mention, the much loved judges.

The show comes alive with some amazing dance performances by the stars, which are
choreographed by well chosen choreographers, who pair up with them. This is a
platform, which allows the newbie choreographers, to showcase their talent, by
highlighting a theme well. Stars are supposed to enact the entire concept by their
respective choreographers and perform it accordingly, to make it happening and

For the past five seasons, the show has done well for both the winning stars and
their choreographers, who struggled and passed with flying colors. Right from
winners like Mona Singh, Prachi Desai, Baichung Bhutia, Meiyang Chang to the very
latest Gurmeet Choudhary, the show has given a lot of mileage to each star,
especially in their resume.

Hence, to get invited for participation is no small talk for the stars and
participants look forward to it. For instance, for the forthcoming season, the stars
are eagerly awaiting the launch of the show. Well, the good news is that the
audience too, is as much excited as the stars, so for the sake of audience’s
curiosity, here is the list of stars, who have confirmed their participation in the
6th season.

Shaan, the leading Bollywood singer is all set to shake a leg on the show stage.
Post his spellbinding soulful voice, the expectation to see him groove will be quite

Other than Shaan, Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee is also set to make his silver
screen debut with dancing.

Drashti Dhami aka Madhubala is also known to be participating in the show, along
with silver screen stars like Karanvir Bohra, Karan Kundra, Siddharth Shukla, Anas
Rashid and Meghna Malik. All these are famed stars and will keep the adrenaline
pumping high.

Apart from them, Shweta Tiwari, the popular TV actress and former Big Boss winner,
is also known to be a very good dancer. The audience will love to watch her dance
and groove. Aarti Chabria, who has been seen small time in Bollywood movies and in
Khatron ke khiladi’ has also confirmed her presence in the show.

With so many stars, the excitement and expectations are running high. No matter
what, the show will be high with good humor, courtesy Kapil Sharma, the standup
comedian and Manish Paul, the much love anchor from the past season.

Considering the expectations, watch out the show, to learn how your favorite stars
will perform.Do share your views and feedback about this show on Twitter-iDubba and set reminders for your favorite shows on iDubba app..

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