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Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: RK has shown his true colors to Madhu

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What will be the next “BALA” in the life of Madhubala?

I gotta feeling…
That tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good night
That tonight’s gonna be a good, good night.

But why? Simple, remember the special Saturday episode of Madhubala -
ek ishq ek junoon
, if so even you can hum the song above.

RK has shown his true colors to Madhu and is all set to insult her further
more.. So off course it will not be a good night for Madhubala but for us
as audience it can surely be; no no!! Don’t get me wrong, I like Rajesh
Khanna ji hate tears and specially the glycerin induced ones. But the spice
of what will happen next is increasing my appetite to crazy.

I know for a few episodes there will be nothing but sad songs and more of
glycerin; in spite of all the melodrama, what I am decked up about is the
chance that the original plot of the serial might find it’s way back
home….. Original track?

Yes! The original track : Madhubala is a story of a girl who was born on a film set and has since then grown up in that environment. A common girl with no ambitions, devoid of glamour, but fate has something else in mind.Madhu is happy as a beautician but everything changes when she meets RK, a leading superstar.

The fate that wants her to be part of the world she lived in but never
belonged, the world that might get her the revenge that she now might seek
from RK.

A lot of tears is  for sure, but what else would happen in the not so simple life of this simple girl…. clearly RK would not leave at just this, so how many problems aka “BALA’ S” are pending for Madhubala.
So obviously I,  you and we all are now waiting with baited breath for what
will happen next and all we can do is wait n watch. So lets do a deal we will ease of the waiting period by giving you all the tit bit we get and in return all you have to do is to share your Views, Reviews, Comments and Suggestions on Twitter-iDubba and set reminders about your favorite shows on our iDubba app.…. Till then Keep Watching, Keep Enjoying and Keep Reading.

What makes Vivian Dsena a convincing RK aka Rishabh Kundra in Madhubala?

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It is said that this is a Men’s world but what about Television Industry, well here the scene is reverse it’s a Women’s world out here. If you disagree, let us play a quiz and by the end of it we all will have the answer. Take a paper and pen, divide the paper into two halves, in the first half write the title of the serials that features the name of the female protagonist and in the other half write the name of serials that features the name of the male protagonist of the serial.

Ohk!!! After you are done just look at the sheet and you will know for sure what I am talking about.

It’s true that women play pivotal roles when it comes to small screen soaps, and even grab a significant portion of screen space/time. But as it is also said that the women of today is making a niche in the men’s world, it is a vice – versa situation in the women’s world of Indian Television.

One of the significant man who is making this niche all the more strong is RK aka Rishabh Kundra of Madhubala aka Vivian Dsena. The epitome of spoilt brat who broods and hates everybody except him or that is what he feels. A self made actor who is proud of this fact and also enjoys the extensive power that his fame and the money have blessed over him. I am talking about his character RK in the show Madhubala … don’t take it otherwise

So what makes Vivian a convincing RK in Madhubala? The simplest of answer is that his good acting skills. Well you might be correct but there’s more than just that. Vivian is good, no doubt; but he is made better by the Madhubala team to suit the smarty, brooding and spoilt brat pants of Rishabh Kundra aka RK.

The Look:  The big film star that is RK in the show, the costumes and accessories compliments him accordingly. The casual stole with the casual tees takes the look a notch above from simple casuals to smart and trendy. Any Look when mixed with RK’s attitude definitely speaks volumes about RK’s character. Although his look never changes like an actor’s does from film to film but hey!! We cannot expect everything absolutely perfect.

The Dialogues: Well this definitely does the trick…his entire attitude, clothes and style would have gone vain without this. I bow down to the dialogue writer of this show…the enjoyment quotient when RK in his form with his witty impromptu dialogues is superbly high. Whether he is taunting, flaunting or even asking pardon, the dialogues has a stance that will intrigue you and hold you for more than a few minutes. They have a quality of bringing smile when you recollect them and I think this says more than the actual words can say.

While I go on my ride of remembering my favourite dialogues from the show and enjoy my smile, don’t forget to send us your Views, Reviews, Comments and Suggestions because they will make me smile ear to ear, waiting!!…. Till then Keep Watching, Keep Enjoying, Keep Smiling and Keep Reading.

What you like the Most about RK of Madhubala?