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Is re-marriage concept behind Punar Vivah's Success?

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Punar Vivah was launched on Zee Tv in February and since its launch it has been a favourite among the viewers. Zee Tv has always been able to impress its loyal audience with shows of different genres and soaps with tracks that strike the emotional chords for sure. And Punar Vivah is one such example where the creatives of the show dared to touch the topic of re-marriage.

Yes, re-marriage which is still a taboo in our so called progressive society. The story started with Aarti played by Kratika Sengar, a divorcee living with her in-laws and a mother of 5-year old. Aarti was an orphan who fell in love with Prashant and found the love of real parents in her in-laws. But her husband fell out of love from her after marriage and left her for another woman. She couldn’t take the shock but found her happiness in her unborn child. Her whole life revolved around her son. But her in-laws who truly cared for her like her own daughter wanted her to get married to someone else. Initially she resented the whole idea of re-marriage but gave in when she was told that it was important for Ansh to have a father too. That is when Yash aka Gurmeet Chaudhary enters the show.

Yash Sindhia had the same story except that his wife died in a car accident leaving two cute daughters behind. Yash was madly in love with his wife Arpita and so he goes almost mad after she passed away. He decided to live for his daughters and tried hard to give them love of both father and mother. But his family saw that the girls needed love and care of a mother as well so they hooked Yash with Aarti whom they thought was a widow.

That is when the story of Aarti and Yash and their struggle of ‘Punar Vivah‘. Their struggle to accept each other, forget their pasts, giving equal love and care to all three children and in midst of all this still finding love for each other.

The show has been treated well in terms of character portrayals but the same can’t be said for the script or the circumstances which were created for Yash and Aarti. I mean to say that it would be difficult for you to relate to the over-hyped drama over small things but that is how the soaps are treated in India.

Punar Vivah is one show that at least gives out a good message to the audience that life is possible after separation from your husband or wife. So tune in to Zee Tv at 10:30 pm to check out the latest episode of Punar Vivah and stay connected with iDubba for more updates and reviews of your favorite shows.

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