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COLORS is all set to launch a new show 'Gurbani' this March

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Colors” is all set to bring in a new show “Gurbani” this March. You might have guessed by the name of the show that it will be based on Punjabi Culture. Well, not long ago, Colors had launched “Sanskaar- Dharohar Apno Ki” that was based on Gujarati Family and their values. So this time it will be a treat for all those who follow and like Punjabi Culture. So what’s the story all about? Let’s explore the same.

Did you know that this show marks the return of veteran actress Navni Parihar ? Now you might ask who is Navni Parihar? Well, she was last seen in films like Tanu weds Manu, Page 3, Lucky, Shararat, Andaaz etc. Gurbani is the term used by Sikhs to refer to any compositions of the Sikh Gurus. It is a story of young and spirited girl from Punjab with dreams in her eyes of an NRI wedding and a happy life thereafter. Navni will be seen portraying the role of Rano, a woman in the age of forty who has been abandoned by her husband long back but has been waiting patiently at a railway station with the hope that he will return someday to take her along. Interesting right? Well, this seems to be an emotional yet intense story. Will the audiences accept such an intense plot? Well, time will only tell that.

This story seems to represent the shocking and moving stories of all those newlywed brides who are left behind by their husbands. The society needs to wake up and give it a serious thought regarding these cases. As mentioned that the backdrop will be based on Punjabi Culture, hence there is bound to be lots of music, colorful characters and larger than life sets in the show. So are you ready to watch a colorful intense new show? Well, as you know that whenever there is a new show on cards, there has to be a show that needs to be discontinued. In this case “Parichay- Naye Zindagi Ke Sapno Ka” would be the one that would make way for “Gurbani“. So for all the “Parichay- Naye Zindagi Ke Sapno Ka” fans, it’s soon going to be curtains for your show in March.

Do let us know your views on this intense yet powerful story of this new show. And will it be able to win the audiences on the emotional quotient? And don’t forget to tell us your Views, Reviews, Comments and Suggestions on Twitter-idduba and set reminders for your favorite shows on idubba app.

First Review of New Show "Sanskaar- Dharohar Apno Ki"

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It’s been an entire week since the launch of this new show Sanskaar – Dharohar Apno Ki. As mentioned in the previous post there were 3 brand new shows that made its debut on Indian Television. Sanskaar – Dharohar Apno Ki was aired on Colors Channel. So did it manage to make an impact in the hearts of the audiences? Will it be able to impress the critics? And not to forget, will it be able to top the TRP charts? Well time will only tell if it manages to do all that, but as of now, let’s get back to the review of this brand new show.

The first week was loads of action, emotion, drama and it managed to also introduce a whole lot of characters. In fact our guess is that it might have portrayed all the characters, and no new character might be able to squeeze in the cast :) . Jokes apart, let’s find out the plot of story in the first week. The story starts with the character of Jai Kishen, played byJay Soni’s introduction. Soon his friend informs him that he has bagged a good offer in USA and he should take it up. But as expected, Jai Kishen did not take it up and instead wanted to move back to the place where his heart belongs, ie Gujarat, with his family. And hearing this the entire family too gets ready to welcome him. This occasion is even more special as they are about to re-open their handloom mill which was shut for 12 years.

Then there is the introduction of each of the family members, starting with the the most important character of Aruna Irani, as Ansu Ba. As always Aruna Irani had shown why she is the best fit for the role of the Head of the Family. There is happiness all around when Jai Kishen arrives. But soon there is a tragedy, as the mill is set on fire by a villain, who is shown playing angry birds on his tablet :) and who has a bracelet named as A. And soon there was a twist in the story and they have the pressure of shutting down the mill and selling it off. But then Jai Kishen decides to sacrifice and move to USA to earn money and bring back the mill on track. The show has this unique thing when the characters talk in Gujarati and then again repeat the dialogues in Hindi. May be they want to also keep the Hindi audience updated about the story. ;) But overall it’s a fresh new look that makes the show stand out. The sets, the costumes and the characters make the show different. 

So will he be able to earn money and come back to India? Will he be able to live up to the expectations of his family? Will he be able to maintain his Sanskaar and be able to survive in USA? These are some of the questions that will be hopefully answered in the future episodes. Do let us know your views and feedback about his new show. Do also let us know about your favorite characters in this show. And of course, don’t  forget to set a reminder using our iDubba app. 

Brand new shows on tv tonight. What are you planning to watch?

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Get ready for 14th January 2013. Your television sets will be bombarded with new shows. Entertainment Channels are all set to present family based shows for you. So what are these new shows about? Will it be comedy based show? Or typical Saas Bahu shows? Well, don’t worry, we have all the answers for you.

Let’s start with Colors Channel. They will be airing their new show “Sanskaar – Dharohar Apno Ki”. Sounds interesting!! Time to find out more about this serial. The Show focuses on Gujarati family which is a joint family which lives in a town Keshavgadh. The show deals about the family culture of Gujaratis, their lifestyle about how they eat together and on their loving son Jai Kishan, who goes abroad for further studies to fulfill the dream of his grandfather. The show will feature Jay Soni who was last seen playing the role of Ishaan in Sasural Genda Phool and Yashashri Masurkar who is popular for essaying the role of Khanak in Rang Badalti Odhani along with Shamin Mannan. The show will air at 9pm from Monday to Friday.

The second show “Amita Ka Amit” will be aired on Sony TV at 8:30pm. The show revolves around two common people named Amit and Amita. Amita who dreams to get a family prevailing in films. The show depicts the concept of Real life and Reel life. The show will see the debut of the bubbly and effervescent actress Chandini Bhagwanani who will essay the role of Amita — a sweet, trusting regular girl next door.

The third show Hum Aapke Hain In Laws will be aired on SAB TV. And you guessed it right; it will be a comedy show ;) . It is a story of Damini grover and Gulshan grover living in a semi posh row houses society but in this society their neighbours are not just neighbours, they are their in-laws. You can avoid your neighbours but can’t avoid your in laws and when your in-laws start driving your life then…!! So when can you catch this show on your television? Well, all you need to do is tune on SAB TV at 10:00pm..

So what are you planning to watch on 14th January 2013?

Will it be “Hum Aapke Hain In Laws” or “Amita Ka Amit” or “Sanskaar – Dharohar Apno Ki”. Do let us know about your views about these new shows. And don’t forget to set a reminder using our iDubba app.