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Major Twist in Saraswatichandra: Kusum Marries Danny Instead Of Saras!


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While the audience had been sulking with the hopelessness of watching Saraswatichandra getting married to Kusum, little did they know the upcoming twist in the tale. While Kumud too sulked, cried and winced in pain with the thought of Saras leaving her forever, she had never thought of the real truth behind.

Kusum did get married in a mandap, but the twist was, that it was not with Saras, but with his affectionate brother, Danny. Danny had been earlier shown to be head over heels in love with Kusum, while Kusum remained unaware of his feelings. Danny had once made his confession, but to only realize that he had accidentally done it in front of Kalika. While Kalika made every bit of taunt and pathetic attempts to misconstrue the true picture of his feelings, Danny seems to have finally won over his love.

Last night’s episode, came as a wee bit of shock and of course, a pleasant surprise for the audience, when they discovered that it had been Danny all the while, who fulfilled all the matrimonial rituals with Kusum, in the mandap. Although, Kusum got the shock on her wedding night to see Danny, who revealed the truth, but whether she will be able to handle the truth well is another question, which we have to wait and discover.


Meanwhile, Kumud had overcome her feelings of despondency over Saras’s marriage with Kusum and decided to accompany Pramad for his treatment in US, when Saras’s sudden arrival turned the tables. Saras’s truth left both Pramad and Kumud shocked, but it was Kumud, who felt more pained. She even accused Saras for cheating on her, Kusum and Danny.

Well, as of now the mystery around Kusum’s marriage has helped the audience breathe a sigh of relief, but not for long! With this newfound truth in everyone’s life, it will be interesting to watch how Kumud and Kusum will overcome their changed lives. Will Saras be able to get Kumud’s forgiveness and love for one last time? And will Kusum be able to accept Danny as her husband and love him back?

While the questions are immense, the audience would love to know when the evil mystery behind Pramad and Kalika’s conspiracies will get revealed. With so many interesting concepts and plots in the making, we are sure ‘Saraswatichandra’ is definitely in for a lot more drama and a hell lot of surprises and twists in the epic, evergreen love story of Kumud Desai and Saraswatichandra!

Watch the next episode tonight, when Pramad will break news about Danny’s call to Kumud, to only leave her expression shocked. Stay tuned to watch the larger than life saga of love every night at 7.30 p.m. only on Star Plus.

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Saraswatichandra:Will Kumud Come To Know About Kusum’s Love For Saras


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The never ending saga of love and separation never seems to end on ‘Saraswatichandra’. Right from the emotional turmoil, which Saras faced at the start of their relationship, to the point when he faced regret and remorse for pushing Kumud in a wrong matrimonial choice, the quantum of pains have been more for him that gains.

The same can also be said about Kumud, who had to bear the angst of not marrying Saras and then marry someone, who was more of a sadistic monster, wreaking her life and dignity at every walk of life.


Pramad, Kumud’s husband had made Kumud’s life hell, right from the start. From the point of walking hand in hand with his girlfriend ‘Kalika’, harassing Kumud’s dignity, ruining her life, to the point of almost killing her, Pramad has not barred from any form of cunningness and torture towards his wife.

However, with Saras around, Kumud felt brave. With her family’s support, she felt she could take on all this with ease, without flinching a bit. It was her family’s support and Saras’s love towards her, that Kumud had left Pramad behind and started to live her life once again.

Little did she know that her happiness was short lived as Pramad once again was back in form, giving her pains. In yesterday’s episode, we watched how Pramad refused to give her divorce, stating his desire to live with her for the rest of her diseased life. He was posed to have life threatening disease, because of which he wanted to make amends to Kumud and give her happiness in his remaining life.

Meanwhile, Saras had made all arrangement of marrying Kumud, with due permission from Badimaa and Vidyachatur, but he was in for shock to see Pramad at her home. Maybe the storyline will drag a little longer and create once again the pain and separation between the two eternal lovers, to make the chemistry as crackling as possible.

The makers should not forget that the audience has been tested a lot like Kumud and Saras’s love. They have been holding patience to see them unite from a long time, but incessant twists and turns have spoiled their expectations every now and then.

This time’s twist could not have been worse. With Pramad and Kalika now once again living together under the same roof, that too with Kumud and Saras around, are all to create more problems for the couple and their family.

With Kalika knowing about Danny’s feelings towards Kusum, who knows she might soon create a huge furor. Plus news about Kumud, getting to know about her sister’s feelings towards Saras is also going to be a nerve testing episode!

With innumerous twists and turns, all happening under one roof, it’s difficult to imagine how audience will not pay attention, to this epic love saga, despite futile attempts of re-union. Maybe these twists and turns will make the drama interesting and once again give the audience its regular dose of some magical moments between Saras and Kumud?

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Saraswatichandra – Pramad grants Kumud a leeway to seek divorce from him


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Pramad might be using every ‘hook and crook’ approach to devastate Kumud and Saras’s efforts, but Kumud has tricks to make her plans fail proof.

Post her arrival, back as ‘Kumud Desai’ in Vidyachatur’s household, Kumud has been shown to struggle with her life and her home. She has started going to school and is also fighting tooth and nail to complete the consignment. Through Saras’s help, she manages to finish the entire task for the family, especially after the trauma her father went through, especially on the backdrop of his factory getting burnt down by Pramad.


Although, Kumud and Saras made the effort, the former remained unaware of the fact that Kalika had already stolen the samples. Things turned topsy turvy, when Kumud failed to show her sample prints the next day.

While Pramad and Kalika felt jubilant with their latest effort, they were soon in shock to find newspapers in place of sample prints. Furious, Pramad blames Kalika for the silly act. Meanwhile, Saras once again rescues Kumud by getting the samples, which he had already shifted to a safe place.

Following this episode, Pramad gets one more disappointment through Kumud and Saras’s joint efforts to buy land for school. However, just when Kumud thought everything was going fine, Pramad brought up new plans to avenge. And this time it is to disrupt her ‘Bhoomipoojan’ plans and cause havoc with his ‘nautanki troupe

Pramad is hell bent to destroy the ‘bhoomipoojan’ plans next. However, sources have revealed that he will be disappointed, yet again.

Despite his evil ways, Kumud and Saras have managed to buy the land through donations, to construct a school for children, in Saras’s mother’s name, but Pramad did not take this piece of news to heart. To infuriate her plans of bhoomipoojan, he has brought a dance and drama troupe to disturb the ambiance.

Kumud, however, is once again not affected and she will give Pramad back in her own sensible way. She will get a devotional troupe to give it back, while Pramad will be left annoyed. In a fit to take revenge, he will challenge Kumud to get a bigger audience for her troupe than his, in order to get the divorce papers signed by him.

Kumud will once again win her challenge and execute her bhoomipujan , but only in the presence of her father, Vidyachatur. If rumors are to be believed, then news of her success in getting the divorce papers duly signed by Pramad is also making the rounds.

Stay tuned to watch Kumud’s win over the destructive minds of Pramad and Kalika. It’s the season of festivals and it’s time we watched the win of good over evil in the show! Although, planned on 26th Star Plus October, 2013, but the Mahaepisode has been cancelled due to the Diwali event.

Kumud reveals Pramad’s true colors in Saraswatichandra


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Kumud aka Jennifer Winget took us by a surprise when this time she did not bow down to her abusive husband. Star Plus’ serial Saraswatichandra is on a high voltage drama these days. In the recent episode we saw how Pramad tried to kill Kumud and Saraswatichandra. Pramad shoots a bullet in Saras’s arm and he was about to shoot Kumud as well but to our surprise, docile wife Kumud takes a rancorous avatar and saves herself and Saras from him. Shocking right?? But it is true, Kumud has decided not to remain silent anymore, she is standing strong and has revealed all the secrets which she had been hiding about her husband Pramad.

Fullscreen capture 10162013 120231 PM.bmp

As soon as Pramad reaches Kumud’s house to accuse his wife for having an alleged affair with Saras, both Kumud and Saras come and tell the truth. Kumud explains the entire story of how Pramad tried killing her. To everyone’s shock Kumud tells Pramad that she no longer consider him her husband. Pramad goes out and tell villagers about Saras and Kumud’s relationship. They order Kumud to give ‘agnipariksha.’ My God!! Agnipariskha in this modern era!! Anyways, serial ki duniya hai, anything is possible right??

So, what do you think Kumud gave up to everyone’s demands of ‘agnipariksha??’ NO, she doesn’t!! Impressive isn’t it?? Kumud in fact answers back and goes one step ahead. She files a police complain against Pramad. Jennifer Winget deserves applause for her acting in these scenes. She really acted well and her fans are quite happy for her character that has finally woken up from the atrocities of her husband. It looks like Pramad’s game is over. It seems that the happy days will come back in Kumud’s life.

Hang on, the drama is not sorted yet, the twist in the tale is that Pramad’s mother will beg Kumud to take her case back. Kumud will agree to it on one condition. She will ask Pramad to give a quick divorce to end all her sufferings. But clever Pramad will refuse straight on her face, leaving everyone shocked. Saras and Kumud will be stunned too. Pramad will not let go off his wife so easily, he has a plan ‘B’ to make her life more miserable than before.

Hmm… Means there will be no fairy tale ending to Saras and Kumud’s love story. Kumud’ life will be as hellish as it was. Well, all this drama still remains to be unfolded in upcoming episodes, Pramad will certainly not lose against Saras. We all hope that Kumud stands by her decision and doesn’t oblige before Pramad’s evil demands. He will not give her freedom so soon. The divorce drama will take place here on. It will be very interesting to see how Kumud’s life takes a course. But we really hope that God help Kumud and put a full stop on her never ending pain. Pramad’s father should now step up and do something concrete to prevent Pramad’s tortures on their innocent daughter-in-law.

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Weekly dose of your favorite shows, with more drama and fun!

While Monday heralds the boring routine life for you, perk up! It also heralds the start of your favorite shows, with more drama and fun! While you can slog with work during the day, your evenings are sure to give you a full on entertainment. Let’s see what the entertainment world has planned for you, in your favorite shows!

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Qubool hai:-Things are once again getting nail biting with the latest turn of events. Zoya finally getting into the footsteps of a wife, but to Ayan’s is no mean feat and the audience has full sympathy with her. Watch the next episode when Ayan will leave a teary eyed Humeira and stand next to Zoya, as a dutiful husband!

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke:-With legal policing happening in the household, everybody seems a little distressed, especially Pakiya, Kamla and Vitthal. Watch the next episode when Kamla will try to ease her tension by singing to her, while Vitthal will be taking care of Kalpana.

Bade Achhe lagte hain:- In the aftermath of Priya’s bad health, Ram is hell bent on getting Pihu married. However, she won’t marry unless Ram marries Juhi! Will he or won’t she, is the next big thing on the show! Watch the next episode where Juhi and Ram will follow Pihu, thinking she is unaware, but Pihu sees them and knows it all.

Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon:- Now the show is moving in the original laid out direction! In short, we might be soon witnessing the making of a star in ‘Madhu’, who is incessantly being pursued by her actor-star husband, to be his heroine. While, she says no, but she can’t deny what’s written in store for her on the show! Stay tuned to watch the next episode, where Amar will speak about ‘Mahurat’, with the bank manager presence and mostly a change of actress! Let’s see who that will be!

Balika Vadhu:-The show is now getting raunchier with Jagiya’s newbie act of getting married to Ganga! However, while things are getting ugly for Jagdish and Ganga in terms of familial relations, it is also the same for Anandi. Watch the next episode, when Anandi will be harrowed by a volley of questions, all putting a mark of question in her trust, faith and relationships!

Saraswatichandra:- A lot is being done to reform Pramad in his ways! However, he still ends up getting in his drunken stupor. While Budhidhan is worried about his son’s future, Kumud suggests him to give Pramad his property back. Though he is skeptical in doing this, he asks Saras what to do. Watch the next episode, where Saras will tell Budhidhan to give time to the decision before giving Pramad his property!

Diya aur baati hum:-With property issues cropping up, Suraj and Sandhya are facing a hard time pacifying Bhabo to accept them. While Suraj learns about Sandhya’s way of making amends with bhabo, he too tries to get into a street fight for her. Watch the next episode, where his efforts will go waste with bhabo’s words, who make it clear that he should not interfere in their lives!

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