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1. Product Tour

1.1 Instant Tune in with friend alert

"Watching a Program?" Want to quickly share it? Or watching a channel but want to know what's running on it? Check out this feature. Once "Tuned in" you can even alert your friends about the program so that even they can tune in and thank you! Try this out, it works superbly in certain situations.

1.2 Personal Space

We have revamped this space to give it a more personal touch based on your activities and interests- 1. "My iAlerts" tab gives you personalized Programs based on your "broad" interests coming on TV in next 24 hours. Try it out now! (You can even set this on Mobile for free)
2. "My Watchlist" tab keeps a track of all the programs you have "Tuned in" till date and arranges them based on their On-Air timings.
3. "My Recommendations" tab is able to throw some really interesting suggestions based on your "Tune in" history. Recommendations are generated after roughly 5-8 Tune ins. Learn more about how Recommendations are generated.

1.3 Guide

Gives you all possible filters and sorting options to find any program running on TV. You can Tune in, set reminder or go to a program/channel page right from this page.

1.4 Suggestions

iDubba uses techniques like item-item and user-item similarities to provide algorithm based program recommendations/suggestions. It also uses an in-house “Taste-based” program recommendation technology to suggest programs based on their properties like genre, language etc. Suggestions get better when-

i) You RATE a show/movie.

ii) You “TUNE IN” to a show/movie.

iii) You rate an episode while Tuning in. Learn more

1.5 iAlerts

This is one of its kind and a *starred* feature from iDubba. You can customize Television alerts the way you want. Whether it’s about TOP movies (we use industry standard i.e. IMDB rating to trigger alerts) in any language, or Movies with your special Actor or music Directors, you can set alerts for almost anything. Similarly for shows you can set alerts for any new program starting in your favorite genre, or any sporting event or any program with a particular cast. Your creativity is the only limitation of possibilities here ;)

1.6 Rewards

iDubba is the only place which rewards you for watching TV :D! We intend to make your TV viewing hassle free and super exciting, our rewards therefore include prizes like- i) FREE DTH recharges worth 3000 every month, ii) Set Top box in case you don’t own one, iii) Home theater system worth 7000, iv) LCD TV worth 25000 and many more (list will keep on increasing). Click here to know more about the “Game”.

1.7 Profile

Your profile is basically a summary of your activities and achievements on iDubba (Profiles are public as we don’t show any personal data in your profile). You can check your points (overall as well as monthly), Leaderboards you are in (monthly), Rewards you have redeemed (overall), your “Tune in” and “Rating” history and number of “Followings” and “Followers” you have (Yes we are removing “friends” concept, so existing friends will become your followers and you’ll automatically start following them). You can also know who else from your Facebook friends’ list is on iDubba and can “Invite” them (you need to be connected via Facebook to enable this feature).

1.8 Settings

Apart from changing your pic, password and other details (except email id) you can control your “Alerts” and “Sharing” settings easily. You can switch off alerts on Mobile (it’s useful if you are going out on a tour) and can also easily control what to share with friends on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

2. Tune in

What is Tune in?

Tune in is just a way to let us know what you are watching on Television. Tune in is an episode-wise activity which means you can Tune in to a program multiple times. Tune in is also the default way to "Like" or "Follow" any program.

How to Tune in?

You can tune in to any program which you have watched in past or watching now. You can Tune in using-
1. Use Instant Tune in on your homepage.
2. Tune in buttons against each program on the website.

4. Using our Android App to Tune in to programs.

Why to Tune in?

1. It's your TV program playlist- Easiest way to share and know what people watch on TV.
2. Discover new programs based on what you already watch.
3. Helps to create a "Trending Programs" list.
4. Gives Reward points which you can redeem to watch TV for free or to get a DTH connection or even a brand new LCD TV.

3. Reminder

You can set “Reminder” to any episode of a show or any telecast of a movie by using “set reminder” buttons on “Show/Movie” page, “Guide” page or “Suggestions” page. Reminders are sent as an SMS on your registered Mobile number. If you haven’t registered your Mobile number you’ll be prompted to do that while setting up a reminder.

Note: We don’t send unsolicited SMSes, and take care of guidelines given by TRAI for sending SMS alerts. If you anyways want to stop all alerts including iAlerts you can do so by going to “Settings” page.

4. iAlert Rules

1. iAlerts are triggered only if you have filled the iAlerts form.
2. Email is sent in case there is an iAlert for next 24 hours during a day i.e. once a day, if there is an iAlert for you. It's triggered during 6-8AM.
3. SMS is sent in case there is an iAlert for next 12 hours during a day i.e. TWICE a day, if there is an iAlert for you. It's triggered at 8-8:30AM and 4-4:30PM.
4. Emailer contains maximum of 8 shows and 8 movies.
5. Each SMS contains 4 shows or 4 movies. You receive 1 or 2 SMSes depending upon the number of iAlerts.
6. Alerted Movies (for IMDB rating) are NOT repeated for next 15 days. Similarly alerted shows or Movies with Keyword matching are not repeated for 15 days. Premiere or Live iAlerts are triggered each time the event happens.

5. Featured Profiles

Featured profiles are “dummy” profile pages of those TV or Movie stars who give special notifications to you on your homepage. We have carefully chosen popular stars having specialities (accent, dialogue delivery, famous scenes etc) which people love. Our main motive here is to bring back your old memories while giving you a reason to smile when you surf iDubba everyday.
You can also check “Tune ins” of these Stars which are again collected by our content team, but chosen based on the speciality of a Star. For e.g. Rajni might have some exclusive “Action” tune ins, Roshesh may have “Tuned in” to some of the best Comedy programs and so on.

6. Following/Followers

You can follow anyone you think has an interesting profile. TV viewing is more about taste of a community rather than taste of friends. The more like minded people you follow the more targeted your “Friends” feed will become.
Similarly any one else can follow you too to get your updates in her timeline. However if you want you can “block” a person from receiving your updates.

7. Leaderboards and reward concept

“We reward you for watching TV”. And we do it by rewarding you TV related prizes- DTH recharge, DTH connection (in case you don’t have a DTH to recharge), Home Theater, LCD TV and much more...

  • Reward process happens “monthly”.
  • Every month there are 5400 TV Credits up for grabs.
  • There are 9 leaderboards to unlock-
    • Movies
    • Business/Current Affairs
    • Sports
    • Reality
    • Lifestyle/Food
    • Animations
    • Soaps
    • Infotainment
    • Music/Comedy
  • You need to score “Tune in” points to break into a leaderboard. Everytime you “Tune in” or "set reminder" you get some points based on some rules (you learn those rules as you keep on Tuning in).
  • A leaderboard remains LOCKED unless a minimum of 10 players break in to the leaderboard.
  • You break in to a leaderboard when you do “Tune ins” or "set reminders" related to particular genre like “Sports” or “Reality”.
  • You collect points every month for watching TV and “Tuning in” or "setting reminder" during watching any program.
  • At the end of month (last day of every month) you get “TV Credits” based on the position on any leaderboard. Rank Vs TV credit distribution can be checked on “Rewards page ”.
  • Please note that your points are NOT related to TV credits directly, it’s your position in leaderboard which decides it. Only top 10 players in a leaderboard are eligible to get TV Credits (only on last day of month).
  • If you’re in multiple leaderboards you can grab multiple TV Credits for same.
  • You can redeem your TV credits whenever you wish.
  • Minimum of 50 points can be redeemed for a DTH recharge from our partner site. Upto 300 credits can be redeemed for DTH Recharge, 2000 TV credits can be redeemed for a DTH connection of choice,5000 for home theater and 20000 for an LCD TV.

8. Tips to earn more Points

1. Always “Tune in” to programs you are watching. You can use SMS/Mobile Apps/GTalk etc to tune in, in addition to normal web tune in.

2. Set reminders whenever you see an interesting program. Setting reminders automatically gives you Tune in points.

3. Do the FIRST to win bonus points- Try to Tune in to new suggestions, new genres, during different timings etc (Keep trying to figure out more)

4. Always share interesting Tune ins. Sharing/Commenting gives bonus points.

9.How do Suggestions work?

  • The shows and movies (referred to as programs) that you RATE on iDubba, help us find other users who have similar taste like you or other programs that are similar to the ones you have liked watching before (i.e. either Tuned in or Rated high).
  • We then use some math (collaborative filtering techniques) to suggest which programs you might enjoy or find interesting!
  • We do respect the fact that every individual is unique in his/her taste hence, the more programs you RATE explicitly or "Tune in" to, the better are our chances to make your TV viewing more fun.
  • It is also recommended that you RATE the suggestions we throw at you, in order to improve them.

Through some interesting technology developed by our team, we try to ensure that you don't end up complaining that there are so many channels but nothing worth watching. That's right- "Fall in love with your TV. Again!!"

10. How to use PayTM or iDubba coupon code?

1. Sign up on iDubba or Sign in if you are already registered.

2. Find out programs of choice in guide page or search directly on search bar.

3. Click on any show or movie of choice.

4. Click on “Tune in” button and you will see this pop up-

5. Click on “Got PayTM or iDubba coupon code?”

6. Enter the coupon code & Click Tune in button.

7. You will win bonus points.

coupon image

11. What are bonus points?

  • You can win bonus points from either our partner site PayTM or from iDubba while doing some rewarding activities like "Inviting a friend" or "Tuning in" to some special show.
  • PayTM: If you recharge via and choose iDubba coupon from their coupons section, you will get a chance to WIN bonus points.
  • PayTM sends an email with a link and coupon code which you need to use.
  • Similarly iDubba also gives bonus points to its loyal users for-
    • Inviting a friend (Friend need to sign up).
    • Tuning in to some special program.
    • Other activities as communicated.
  • In this case also iDubba sends an email with Coupon code with directions on how to get the bonus points.
  • Coupons can only be redeemed while Tuning in. Hence the show or movie you are Tuning in decides the leaderboard in which your points will be added.
  • NOTE: Bonus points are just points and a mean to get a headstart/lead in a particular leaderboard. You still need to Tune in regularly to remain ahead and WIN TV credits at the of month. TV credits can directly be redeemed for DTH recharge or other amazing prizes.

12. What are bonus credits?

  • In some special cases we give 20 Bonus credits for registering on iDubba. So if you have got one, you are a real lucky user!
  • On iDubba credits can be redeemed for various prizes like DTH/Mobile recharge, DTH Connection or even an LCD TV.
  • Minimum redeemable credits are 25.
  • So you just need 5 more credits to be able to redeem for a basic prize of Rs 25 recharge (or discount) from Paytm. Although you can win more than 300 credits every month.
  • You just need to "Tune in" every time you are watching a TV Program or you love a program and want to "Tune in".
  • If you are watching something, use- "Instant Tune in" on your homepage to Tune in. If not, simply search for any show or movie from search Bar and Tune in to that show using Tune in button.
  • Every "Tune in" will give you some points and a chance to reach among the top 10 users in a leaderboard.
  • At the end of every month you will be able to WIN credits based on your position in the Leaderboard.
  • Click here to Learn more about the Leaderboards and Rewards.

13. FAQs

1. Can I cancel my SMS Reminder?

- No. But we may provide this facility in near future.

2. Can I watch LIVE TV?

- No. The videos we showcase are uploaded to youtube by genuine TV Channels or shows. We simply embed the videos on our website.

3. From where do you get program data?

- We have a team of content writers who write genuine content about programs on our website. Although we sometimes refer Wikipedia or a Channel’s website to understand a particular program in a better way.

4. What is IMDB rating?

- is World’s largest Internet Movie Database and IMDB rating for a movie is seen as (kind of) an Industry standard. Movies having IMDB rating between 7 to 8 are usually commercial hits, and movies above IMDB 8.0 are either critically acclaimed or are blockbuster hits.

5. How to switch off iAlerts?

- Go to settings and under “Sharing” you can find settings for iAlerts. Turn off the feature to stop getting any iAlerts.

6. How to comment?

- Go to any show page

7. Can I delete my account?

- You can not delete your accounts however you can disable your account by going to settings page and clicking on “Deactivate Account”. On Deactivating your account you will stop receiving any emails from iDubba, your activities will get hidden, you will not show in any search result and your profile will never be visible to public.

8. What type of programs can I find on iDubba?

- As of Feb 2012 we have programs of about 160 Indian TV Channels on iDubba.
- Those programs include English and Hindi Shows and Hindi/English/World language movies.

- We also have a section where we have a vintage collection of most popular OFF-AIR

- Very soon we will add more regional language programs.

9. Why is it necessary to login via Facebook for leaving a "Review" of any program?

- At iDubba we are trying to simplify content management by NOT implementing any complex SPAM detection techniques. Hence login via Facebook is necessary for leaving a Review.

10. I have some suggestions about iDubba, how can I contact you?

- Please use the Feedback tool available on website for any problems or suggestions. You can find it at extreme right side on the website.