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IMDB: 7.30
Tune ins: 37
Ratings: 4.1 /5 from 45 users
Reviews: 0
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    Vietnam veteran John Rambo has survived many harrowing ordeals in his lifetime and has since withdrawn into a simple and secluded existence in Thailand, where he spends his time capturing snakes for local entertainers, and chauffeuring locals in his old PT boat. Even though he is looking to avoid trouble, trouble has a way of finding him: a group of Christian human rights missionaries, led by Michael Burnett and Sarah Miller, approach Rambo with the desire to rent his boat to travel up the river to Burma. For over fifty years, Burma has been a war zone. The Karen people of the region, who consist of peasants and farmers, have endured brutally oppressive rule from the murderous Burmese military and have been struggling for survival every single day. After some inner contemplation, Rambo accepts the offer and takes Michael, Sarah, and the rest of the missionaries up the river. When the missionaries finally arrive at the Karen village...


    Suspense-Thriller, Adventure, Action

    Also Know As:

    John Rambo or Rambo IV


    Sylvester Stallone, Julie Benz, Paul Schulze, Graham McTavish, Reynaldo Gallegos, Jake La Botz


    Sylvester Stallone


    Art Monterastelli, Sylvester Stallone

    Produced By:

    Avi Lerner, John Thompson


    Odeon, a UK cinema chain with more than 100 screens, refused to show the film for 'commercial reasons'

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