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IMDB: 6.50
Tune ins: 9
Ratings: 3.8 /5 from 2 users
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    A man who just got released from prison kills someone. Later a detective who investigates discovers that the man was part of a gang of robbers. Years ago they committed a big robbery and later some men who somehow found out where they were came and demanded the money they got of they would kill them one at time and they did. Eventualy it came down to him and his brother and he told them where the money but still tried to kill them. But he somehow survived and was caught by the police and sent to prison. The one he killed was one of the men who killed his brother. So it's obvious he's out to avenge his brother's death. The detective later is told that an aging detective wants to join her which she finds weird. And at the same time a hit man is pursuing him but always misses him.


    Drama, Crime-Mystery, Action

    Also Know As:



    Dwayne Johnson, Billy Bob Thornton and Maggie


    George Tillman Jr.


    Tony Gayton,Joe Gayton

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