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Ratings: 3.3 /5 from 458 users
Reviews: 11
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A show in Entertainment genre, it is a Crime based program featuring detective series belonging to Crime Investigation Department of the police force.

CID investigate each and every case and always solve them. The team of CID is very perfect. They are attentive and careful in their every step for investigating any thing.


Soaps & Series

Produced By

Pradeep Uppoor


B. P. Singh


Shivaji Satam (ACP Pradyuman), Aditya Srivastava (Senior Inspector Abhijeet), Dayanand Shetty (Senior Inspector Daya), Dinesh Phadnis (Inspector Fredricks), Narendra Gupta (Dr. Salunkhe), Shraddha Musale (Dr. Tarika)

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Nitika Mehandroo

November 22 at 10:28AM
Interesting show.
Ashish Kumar

May 25 at 5:49PM
This is really interesting show as it deals with lots of thrills and suspense.
Nitika Mehandroo

May 25 at 5:49PM
interesting !
Nitika Mehandroo

May 25 at 5:49PM
Full ofcrime, thriller, suspence
Nitika Mehandroo

May 25 at 5:49PM
nice- crime & suspence show