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Highway on My Plate

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Ratings: 3.8 /5 from 160 users
Reviews: 6
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They're the highway stars on a roll! Join Rocky and Mayur on the great Indian road trip adventure. Two guys who are low on maintenance but high on spirit. Everyday is a new place, a new address, a new story as they hitch-hike their way across the country, sampling different platters, giving us a flavour of humour that's all their own!



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Rocky, Mayur

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Vibha Maurya

June 18 at 6:12PM
Variety of food with distinguished tastes & know how cook....... enjoy deliciousness of the show
Ansh Guj

June 18 at 2:59PM
A must watch series for all of us and u allways expect best from it.We got to know diff type of reciepe
Neelam Sharma

June 18 at 2:23PM
A gud show present by sweet foodie way .enjoy foody dishes 7hown on show.

June 18 at 2:13PM
If u love eating different type of good food then u do like this show as if u like good food u like this show.
Abhinay Kumar

June 18 at 1:58PM
This is really one of the great show where both the anchors simply rocks innovating great locations and food recipes which are lip-smacking and anybody would love to eat the food.