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Hum Paanch

Tune ins: 64
Ratings: 3.4 /5 from 50 users
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This comedy series is about a father, Anand Mathur, and his five daughters. Meenakshi is the eldest and she is a feminist. Radhika cannot see or hear well, but is very intelligent. Sweety is not very brainy and is crazy about Bollywood actors and would like to marry one. Kajal is a tomboy and a bully. The youngest Chhoti loves to gossip. Anand?s first wife is no more but speaks to him from her photo that is hung in their living room. His second wife Bina is very close to the daughters and support them.




Ashok Saraf, Amita Nangia, Bhairavi Raichura, Pamela Mukherjee, Pushti, Priya Tendulkar, Priyanka Mehra, Rakhee Tandon, Shoma Anand, Sudha Chandran, Vandana Pathak, Vidya Balan , Sujata

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