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Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya

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Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya is a story of a woman who will go to any length fight for her right.
The story is going around two families named Thakur & Saxena family. Krishna belongs to Thakur family, who is known for their power in Allahabad, They believe in superstitions. The Saxena family, however, is different. Though they are traditional, they believe in educating their daughters Pratigya & Arushi without any hesitation.

Pratigya grown up in it.Circumstances made Krishna & Pratigya fall in love although they seem totally incompatible. Krishna was Pratigya's secret admirer and he forcefully made Pratigya marry him.


Soaps & Series


Ravindra Gautam


Pooja Gaur, Arhaan Behl, Shahab Khan, Monika Singh, Monika Singh, Ankit Gera, Avantika Hundal

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