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Mukti Bandhan

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Mukti Bandhan is the story of an ordinary man, I.M. Virani with an extraordinary sense for business who comes out victorious but only with the support of his wife, Charulata Virani. She stands by her husband like a rock without questioning his judgement yet guiding him throughout his life. Termed as the fourth biggest industrialist of India, I.M. Virani is threatened of his position by an ambitious woman, Devki who is considered to be the next I.M. ViranI! This is the first time; COLORS will be donning the Gujarati Culture through Mukti Bandhan for its viewers.Adapted from Shri. Harkishen Mehta's famous gujrati novel, 'Mukti Bandhan' is presented by Shobhana Desai's Production Pvt Ltd.


Soaps & Series


Shiv Subramaniam, Surbhi Zaveri, Raj Singh, Nazneen Patel, Esha Kansara, Meenal Patil, Ekta Saraia, Yohana Vacchani, Utkarsh Majumdar

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