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Afsar Bitiya

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Afsar Bitiya is about a girl who has an urge to get educated and her struggle to get successful in her life. It is the story of krishna who becomes an officer after completing her study.

This is the journey of a girls who dream to become something in their life completing their study. Krishna's unexpected achievement brings in a lot of happiness for her family, but is her happiness meant to stay forever?

Her sudden accomplishment attracts not only fame but many difficulties. Will Krishna's values remain intact after she becomes 'Afsar Bitiya'? Will her position in the society allow her to become a doting and caring wife? Will the nature of her job allow her to remain an obedient daughter and a devoted daughter-in-law?

How an honest and determined girl from a moderate background adapts to changing situations is what makes the narrative of Afsar Bitiya a poignant one!


Soaps & Series


Sudeep Vijay, Anand Kumar & Gurpreet Rana

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October 16 at 3:50PM
Kshitiz Gupta

June 07 at 10:54AM
sunny goyal

May 26 at 9:24PM
it is a great motivational serial.
Khushboo Verma

May 25 at 5:49PM
Afsar bitiya can bring revolution among all the girls especially who are not allowed to study by their family