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Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Tune ins: 1347
Ratings: 4.0 /5 from 951 users
Reviews: 37
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The program is based upon the story of Ram and Priya, which revolves around their struggling life of Ram and Priya.
The show explore the story of two individuals of middle age with different personalities. Both are unmarried due to some reason and consequences.Then what destiny contrives, Ram and Priya get married.
After the marriage, feeling of love and affection start between Ram and Priya. Finally they fall in love with each other. They spend each moment of their life, sharing their experience, excitements, daily life problems.


Soaps & Series

Produced By

Ekta Kapoor & Shobha Kapoor


Sangeita Rao,Raja Mukharjee


Ram Kapoor (Ram Kapoor), Sakshi Tanwar (Priya), Sonia Balani (Peehu), Aditya Kapadia(Khush), Ekta Kaul (Suhani Malhotra), Shubhavi K. (Juhi),Jai Kalra (Vikram Shergill), Tarana Raja Kapoor (Neha Vikram Shergill), Mohit Malhotra (Kartik), Sumona Chakravarti (Natasha)

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Aryan Singh

July 18 at 3:59PM
i dont like jhanvi.. :-/ Natasha is far better than her... i dont like her acting .. it seems me fake.. my all sympathy for nuts.. :(
Anusha Chalana

February 08 at 5:47PM
Ayesha is dying in the show. A Drastic twist in BALH. I know its a sad news..but wait its more than a good news for RAYA.. It's a big releif for Priya, Peehu, Kush rather for whole members of the kapoor mansion who want Ram - Priya come back togther again :)
Anusha Chalana

January 08 at 4:48PM
Why Aayesha still does not understand that Ram is not meant for her. He loves priya. Is fame and money is everything for Aayesha.
Nidhi Rawat

January 07 at 4:54PM
Ram and Priya are meant for each other. They behave so cute and funny and they understand each other very well. Pihu is sooooooo cute. Golu Uncle!!!
Parul Gupta

January 04 at 4:02PM
i like this show very much.. ram kapoor and sakshi tanwar look good together onscreen..