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This story is about a Gujarati family residing in a village, near Surat, called Dharampur. The village has been established by the partriarch, Dharamraj Mahiyavanshi, of the Mahiyavanshi family. He is a very rich and well respected but an egoistic diamond merchant who has a well established empire and more than 2000 workers are employed by him. Santok is an 18 year old girl, popularly known as Santu among the workers. Santu lives with her Nana Madhoo Solanki in the workers colony. She is very calm and soft spoken. She sings well and always uses her voice to entertain all the women workers of the packing department with Gujarati folk songs like aala re laal leheraniyu laal ghammar ghammar chale re chaal navi te vahu na haath ma rumal.. All the workers in the factory really like and admire Santu. All seems to go well till destiny strikes, and a series of events culminate with Santo getting married to Dharampratap. Thus starts the life of the 18 year old Santu, her battles, and her journey. Bandini...a marriage of convenience, a story of age, class and caste divide, a poignant tale of a young womans journey across a life time !


Soaps & Series


Partho Mitra, Ravindra Gautam


Ronit Roy, Aasiya Kazi, Leena Jhumani, Akshata Rajput, Surendra Rajan, Bharat Chawla, Rasika Joshi

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