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Bhai Bhaiya Aur Brother

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Bhai Bhaiya aur Brother is an Indian comedy series and comes under a Entertainment genre. It is a Cross-Cultural Family Comedy and It Heavily Stresses On The Disparities that Co Exist in the Society. It's about a family that unites after 2 decades.

Three Brothers (38 To 45 Years), who have been living separately with Their own individual families, Meet is a middle brother has house in Mumbai. All are raised in 3 absolutely contrasting cultures. younger brother's family has come from US and older Brother's family is from a small village of gujarat called Pichur-Wadi!

All of them, with various characteristics, standards of living and upbringing, live under one roof; In a little humorous way with their discomforts and yet emotional bonding!




Rajan Waghdhare


Swati Chitnis (Jamuna Mahendra Chawla) , Muni Jha (Mahendra Chawla) , Chirag Vohra (Rajeev Mahendra Chawla), Sooraj Thapar(Anil Mahendra Chawla), Vrajesh Hirjee (Sameer Mahendra Chawla)

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