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Coke Studio @ MTV

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Ratings: 4.2 /5 from 69 users
Reviews: 32
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Coke Studio @ MTV is back with a new lineup of eight music producers who strive to reinvent the way music captures the soul of our nation. Here we give you exclusive access to the magic that is Coke Studio @ MTV! Teasers, sneak peeks, pictures & much, much more made available exclusively for you Coke Studio fans even before the show goes on air! Catch the rehearsals, the candid moments, the laughs, the tunes and all that goes into the making of the music. None of this will ever make it to your TV Screens! So what are you waiting for? Here's your chance to go behind the scenes of Coke Studio @ MTV Season 2!



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Arjun Bm

August 04 at 10:07AM
an awesome program to watch
Maaz Kalim

July 17 at 2:03PM
I can not say anything because I did not watched it! :P :D
Sunil Kumar

July 17 at 1:31PM
amazing programme. i like this programme very much
Bhanu Pratap Choudhary

July 17 at 11:03AM
I have seen this show on the TV. Its too good, the all new artists just matches the rithm and the voice level very nicely

July 16 at 10:13PM