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Crime Patrol: Dastak

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Ratings: 3.9 /5 from 907 users
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It is a Reality Crime based program featuring true stories of crime happening all around the country.
It was hosted by Diwakar Pundir who later was replaced by Shakti Anand. The second season of the series broadcast on January 26, 2010, and was presented by known Indian television actors Anoop Soni and Saakshi Tanwar.
It always brings true stories of crime, where the police have tackled the most difficult of cases. It dramatizes real-life crime and events and details how the police went about solving the case.



Produced By

Opytimystix Entertainment Private Limited


Subramanian S. Iyer

Hosted By

Anoop Soni

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Anusha Chalana

January 08 at 6:29PM
Hats off to the Crime Patrol team.. Only because of their hard work we came to know what was happened in rest of the world.
Nitika Mehandroo

November 22 at 10:49AM
About reality stories from all over the countries
Shailendra Suresh Shete

July 24 at 10:52AM
These type of programme are very good as we should know how people think in this world how do they do crimes. We should learn to be aware of. We should take it positively. and stay us alert always.
Mahesh M Dharmadhikari

July 24 at 10:35AM
yes i think it aware it
Praveen Kandwal

July 24 at 10:27AM
I think it aware people