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India's Dancing Superstar

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Age is no longer a barrier to show off your dancing skills. Star Plus gives you a chance to showcase your superlative dancing talent and become India's biggest dancing superstar.

It is the ultimate dance battle between the best dancers of the country, who will perform various dance styles to win everybody's heart. Danc the is the bst way to express your emotions.
The show will gives you the chance to showcase :

1. Solo, duo and group dance.
2. No age limits Any Body Can Dance (ABCD) : Kids, mothers, parents, grandparents.
3. Any dance style : Hip-Hop, Contemporary, latin...

So if you are passionate about Dance - Toh bhulake umar dikhado apne dance ka hunar! Indias Dancing SuperStar coming.




Top 5: MJ5, Akshay Pal, Loyola Dream Team, Padmini and Debasish, Palden & Khyati
Wild Card Entry : Vikas Sawant, D-maniax, Mohit-Ana, Suniti, Palden & Khyati
Eliminated Contestants : D-maniax, Hansavi, Vikas Sawant,Sadhwi, Shubhronil Paul, Sunidhi, Sushant and Mohit-Ana,Amardeep Singh Natt


Geeta kapoor, Riteish Deshmukh, Ashley Lobo

Hosted By

Aishwarya Sakhuja and Raavi Dubey

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Anusha Arora

August 04 at 12:57AM
yeaahh!!! they deserve to win!!!! happy for them!!!
Ishita Gupta

July 31 at 1:39PM
The Top 5 IDS Contestants : MJ5, Akshay Pal, Loyola Dream Team, Padmini and Debasish, Palden & Khyati. All did fabolous act either its Padmini and Debasish, Palden & Khyati- Best Arial act , Mj5- Best Moon Walk ever, Akshay Pal- Best Liquid Poping and Loyola Dream Team performed on patrotic act .
Ishita Gupta

July 31 at 12:48PM
Top 4 finalist are MJ5, Akshay Pal, Padmini and Debashish, and Loyola Dream Team.. It was for the first time on the IndianTelevision History that 5th finalist took direct entry from "Wild Card" in the FINALE of "India's Dancing Superstar". The wild card Contestants : Suniti, D Maniax, Vikas Sawant, Mohit and Ana, Palden and Khyati, and Amardeep.
Aryan Singh

July 31 at 12:08PM
He is the deserving contestants to win... you can watch and decide by youself.. if u want to vote DIAL : 18001200810
Anusha Arora

July 18 at 7:28PM
I think its fair voting.. As there are very talented contestant left... Its a good time for vikas to be eliminated...