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Kuch Toh Log Kahenge

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Ratings: 3.9 /5 from 77 users
Reviews: 7
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A show in entertainment genre, based on a complicated love story between two person with 18 years of age difference. The show revolves around a team of doctors, including Dr. Nidhi Verma and Dr. Ashutosh Mathur, in the Kotnis's hospital in Lucknow and their daily routines at the hospital along with their private lives at home.

Dr. Nidhi Verma falls in love with Dr. Ashutosh who is nearly 18 years elder than her. Nidhi has to convince her family for Ashutosh and she managed it somehow.

They are now married. Now the show goes on showing the after life in a marriage.


Soaps & Series

Produced By

Rajan Shahi


Mandar Devasthali, Sharad Pandey, Rishi Mandial


Kritika Kamra (Dr. Nidhi), Sharad Kelkar (Dr. Ashutosh), Karan Wahi (Rohan), Rukhsar Rehman (Dr. Mallika), Alok Nath (Dr. Mathur), Ishita Sharma (Anji), Vishal Malhotra (Dr. Rangnath)

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Anusha Chalana

January 08 at 5:19PM
Kuch Toh Log Kahenge' is a heartwarming love story between people from two different generations: a young, spirited Dr. Nidhi Verma [24] and a brooding and handsome Dr. Ashutosh [38].
Nidhi Rawat

January 07 at 5:19PM
This is the reality of life, if one is in love he or she does not bother about the age, money or society. Perfect relationship needs only love like Dr. Ashutosh and Dr. Nidhi have.
Nitika Mehandroo

November 20 at 1:43PM
based on age diff.(relationship)
Nitika Mehandroo

May 25 at 5:49PM
story about love of 2 diff. age group people.
Anshul Verma

May 14 at 2:41PM
best program of sony tv