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Na Aana Is Des Laado

Tune ins: 78
Ratings: 4.9 /5 from 29 users
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A drama that focuses on a social evil prevalent in the Indian society, Na Aana Is Des Laado is a thought provoking show that talks about the evil practice of female infanticide in our country. A gripping story with a serious message, this show is sure to touch some hearts and hopefully stop parents from engaging in this heinous crime.


Soaps & Series

Produced By

Shyamashish Bhattacharya, Neelima Bajpai


Anshuman Kishore Singh, Arun Bali, Dinesh Mahadev, Inder Das, Rajeev Bhanot, Sanjay Ghosh, Debashish Dhar


Meghna Malik (Ammaji), Natasha Sharma (Sia), Aditya Reddies, Sonal Jha (Sheela), Shivangi Sharma (Sunehri), Harsh Verma (Avtar), Sarika Parween (Jhoomer)

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