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Qubool Hai

Tune ins: 432
Ratings: 2.5 /5 from 365 users
Reviews: 4
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Qubool Hai is a family based drama show with a Muslim background. The main character's in the show are Karan Singh Grover character's name Asad belongs to muslim based family from Bhopal , opposite to him is a Punjabi actress Surbhi Jyoticharacter's name Zoya is a NRI, Sangeeta Karpure character's name Zeenat, elder sister of Zoya, married to a NRI and settled in London.
Zoya came India for vaccation with her family. She has some goals in her life and want to achieve them. But somhow she face some problem in achieving goals. Qubool Hai is about a journey of life, its trials and tribulations and acceptance of one's fate.


Soaps & Series

Produced By

Gul Khan, Nissar Khan


Gul Khan, Nissar Khan


Karan Singh Grover (Asad), Surbhi Jyoti (Zoya), Rishabh Sinha (Ayaan), Neha Laxmi Iyer (Najma), Sangeeta Kapure (Zeenat)

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Parul Gupta

July 18 at 1:26PM
I don't understand what is going in between Zoya and Asad. Why he refused not to marry with Zoya. What is going in his mind about Tanveer. Why he was not sharing anything with zoya, why was not taking with zoya in good manner. If he has some plan to reveal the truth of Tanveer he can also include zoya with him... i am hating this all.
Anusha Arora

June 22 at 4:09PM
ufff.....Asad and Zoya have not confessed to each other, in spite of the ongoing marriage celebrations...aaj kal ki generation....
Anusha Chalana

March 28 at 2:48PM
The holi celebration will spread the color of love in between love-hate couple - Asad and Zoya. Now Asad sarted enjoying Zoya's fun tricks. I think the feeling they have developed for each other now comes out on the occasion the holi.. :)
Nidhi Rawat

January 08 at 3:37PM
A story of a Muslim background and again Karan Singh Grover rocked the show as always.... All three are good in their characters and playing at their parts perfectly...