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Saath Nibhana Saathiya

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Ratings: 3.1 /5 from 558 users
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The series follows the story of Gopi, an orphan who is brought up by her maternal uncle and aunt. While her uncle is nice to her, her aunt Urmilaben treats Gopi like a slave along with her daughter Rashi. Gopi hopes to get married one day and lead a peaceful life with her husband and in-laws.

Baa has two sons. Her first born, Parag is good for nothing who is married to Kokilaben. Koki brings up her son Aham very strictly so that he does not follow the footsteps of his father. Aham is determined to succeed in life.
The younger daughter-in-law of Baa is Hetal who is very affectionate and her son Jigar is very easygoing. Jigar works under Aham.

Watch the series to see what happens when Gopi gets married to Aham and Rashi gets married to Jigar.


Soaps & Series

Produced By

Rashmi Sharma Telefilms


Pawan Kumar


Devoleena Bhattacharjee (Gopi), Mohammad Nazim (Aham), Vishal Singh (Jigar), Rucha Hasabnis (Rashi)

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Nidhi Rawat

January 08 at 12:33PM
A serial of saas and bahus, famous and family oriented type.......Giaa Manek is sweet and nice in her role....All characters playing their part perfectly....A women can correlate her life with the program.........
Anusha Chalana

January 07 at 3:09PM
As its a famous saying that a mother always know if some thing is going to be happen with her child. Gopi has some serious intuition about her girl child 'Meera' that something went wrong. And she was right. Her child was exchanged with some other girl child.

November 19 at 3:38PM
all family members can see

November 19 at 3:38PM
all family members can see
Khushboo Verma

May 25 at 5:49PM
this is a story of typical Gujrati family and i love to watch as it is full of twists