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Bollywood Director of the Big Screen Sanjay Leela Bhansali directs the new show Saraswatichandra which is a Drama series. The show is based on Gujrati novel Saraswatichandra written by Govardhanram Tripathi.

A pungent Love story of two soul mates : Saras and Kumud. who are denied of becoming one by destiny and tradition. Whenever they try to move away from each other, life keeps bringing them together again. It is a classic story of love and heart ache, pride and prejudice, of hankering and longing between two people who were so close yet not close enough to two people today who are so far from each other yet not far enough in heart.

The show is based on a middle cast Gujarati family and highlights the story of three sisters. The lead role's playing by Jennifer Winget, Gautam Rode and Monica Bedi where she is playing a grey character in the story.

Saraswatichandra is raised by his stepmother. But she does not consider him as her own child. In spite of being unwanted, he grows up to be a compassionate, intelligent and charming man. After the time passes, his father decided to get him married.


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Jennifer Winget (Kumud Sundari), Gautam Rode(Saraswatichandra Vyas), Monica Bedi (Gumanas Vy), Chetan Pandit (Laxminandan Vyas), Ali Raza Naamdaar (Vidyachatur Desai), Alpana Buch (Guniyal Desai),

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Aryan Singh

July 18 at 3:10PM
Poor kumud and saras..why they could not see each other. She was worried about saras and cried while remembering past memories with saras..aww poor kumud.. :( She didnt know that the patient is Saras only.
Anusha Chalana

April 02 at 1:21PM
Love starts with fights and a silent care.. same is with Kumud and Saras... In the last episode Saras went bazar to sell mud pots accompained with kumud..Customers does not buy pots from saras..all whispered how someone hit the cow and said who permitted him to come to the bazaar. Saras feel bad then kumud thinks she will not let him fail. Kumud gathers few womens and start praising about the pots which saras made. she convinced the womens cleverly.. when the pots starts going to sold with kumuds marketing strategy, he feels happy and kumud also feel happy by watching saras happiness.. :) And when Saras gave his first wage to kumud she feel proud and happy.. :)
Ishita Gupta

March 28 at 5:33PM
Saras is brought back to Ratnagiri but this time for her brother not for kumud. Her brother, yash, has killed a cow, which is considered a huge sin in the small town. He, Saras, takes the blame on himself in front of the crowd in order to protect her family's name and her brother too. Despite all ego hassles, this time, Kumud decides to support him, saying that he wouldn’t have committed the crime.
Anusha Chalana

February 08 at 6:10PM
Sanjay leela bansali's new series is based on popular novel named ‘Saraswatichandra’. It is also an Award wining film. Its based on Gujrati family and tier two daughters and then the clash depicts in ideologies of the extended family. I think this will be a beautiful story and direction.