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Satyamev Jayate

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Ratings: 4.9 /5 from 545 users
Reviews: 58
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Satyamev Jayate show comesunder Entertainment gener. The tagline 'Truth Alone Prevails' is a talk show which will be hosted by Aamir Khan. The guests on the show would talk about the most difficult times in their lives, and talk about issues, the Real Issues.


Reality, Interview/Chat

Hosted By

Aamir Khan

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Maaz Kalim

July 30 at 3:50PM
I think it didn't changed us at all as of now as per the environment around me.
Mahesh M Dharmadhikari

July 30 at 2:19PM
good show
Sunil Kumar

July 30 at 12:35PM
amazing programme. hats off to AAmit
Praveen Kandwal

July 29 at 10:33PM
i like it
Praveen Kandwal

July 29 at 10:29PM
i love this show