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Tune ins: 824
Ratings: 2.9 /5 from 526 users
Reviews: 5
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Color's most popular program featuring the story of Ichcha, born in the slums of a city but one who desires much more than what her destiny has in store for her. In the hope of giving her a better life, Ichcha's mother joins a rich household as a maid. Ichcha be friends Tapasya (the daughter of the lady of the house), but soon learns the hard lesson that servants will never be considered as part of a family, no matter how much they sacrifice for them. However things change when Veer, suitor of Tapasya, falls in love with good natured Ichcha. Can she dare to expect him to stand up for her & their love?


Soaps & Series

Produced By

Pintoo Guha, Rupali Guha


Nandita Mehra


Vikas Bhalla (Veer Singh Bundela), Rashmi Desai (Tapasya), Tina Datta (Ichcha Bharti/Meethi), Vaishali Thakker (Damini Bharti), Ayub Khan (Jogi Thakur), Pragati Mehra (Divya Thakur), Pratima Kannan (Nani/Sumitra Devi), Amandeep (Pushkar), Sami Usman Shaikh (Daddaji), Akhil Mishra (Umed), Bina Bannerjee (Gunwanti), Rohit Khurana (Vansh), Saurav Jain (Yuvraj), Gaurav Chopra (Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore), Sharhaan Singh (Siddharth/Sid), Sreejita De (Mukta), Sonika (Amla), Monalika Bhosle (Chanda)

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Avi Joseph

June 29 at 10:17AM
love & hate -stroy about two friends
Khushboo Verma

May 25 at 5:49PM
colors should stop telecasting this show as it has lost its charm.
Mehak Khanna

May 25 at 5:49PM
this show has lost its charm completely in comparison to what it was when it started!!
Nitika Mehandroo

May 25 at 5:49PM
love & hate -stroy about two friends
Mehak Khanna

May 25 at 5:49PM
the most stupid turn that this show has ever of kids in bachpan...dis show is turning into a nightmare to watch!!