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Gumraah - End of Innocence

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Ratings: 3.7 /5 from 233 users
Reviews: 2
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This show brings to you some real life shocking teen crime cases. Hosted by Karan Kundra.
It's a Reality program about the youth of today in order to attain what they desire, explore shortcuts. This show features the misdeeds and crimes committed by youngsters and figures out the larger issues behind them.



Produced By

Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor & Vikas Gupta


Kushal Zaveri, Vikram Rai, Siddarth A. Kumar, Suyash Vadhavkar & Supavitra Babul

Hosted By

Karan Kundra

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Anusha Chalana

January 10 at 11:03AM
Great work done by Gumrah team... hats off to your telecasting these kind of episodes.. you can create awareness in today's youth...
Abhinav Chaturvedi

June 22 at 1:05PM
a must watch for teenagers who are distracted.