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V Suvreen Guggal: Topper Of The Year

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V Suvreen Guggal: Topper Of The Year is a teen Drama. The show focus on Suvreen Guggal who is Gorgeous , simple 19 years old girl. She is from Kathgodam. She topped her 12th Board Exams with 89.04%. Being the topper of the year in her school, she is popular all over the town.

The she is the new student at DPSC, a prestigious college in Delhi. She is determined, thought-provoking, naive and righteous. Her interests are singing, thinking, solving other people's problems, making friends, studying, listening to music and many more.

The show is a humorous and riveting campus drama that states that there's more to this Facebook generation than iPod and low-waist jeans.


Soaps & Series


Ravi Bhushan


Smriti Kalra(Suvreen Guggal),Shivin Narang(Yuvraj Singh),Karishma Rawat(Naro),Hitesh Bhardwaj(Zorrovar Sangha (Zorro)),Heli Daruwala(Alisha Dewan)

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Anusha Chalana

January 09 at 6:38PM
Love the chemistry between Topper and yuvraj.. how they fall in love.... <3 <3